Monday, August 25, 2008

A pain in the foot

Well, after my very athletic endeavor of running 13.1, I am experiencing quite a bit of pain in my foot up around the base of my second and third toes. To give it a name, it is metatarsalgia. Apparently my bones are messed up in my toes, creating untold stress on the middle of the ball of my foot while running and pain so bad it makes you wanna smack yer momma.

So, I was depressed this weekend.

New plan is to NOT run this week, to ice and stretch my calves and hamstrings (which apparently contribute to this problem) and see how it goes. Jeff is trying out some different padding choices in my shoes but I dont think we have hit the right combo yet.

Icing your feet is very painful but I have developed a system of slowly increasing the iced-ness of the water instead of plunging wholehog into the icy bath from hell creating a sensation of jabbing 10,000 knives into my feet at once.

7 days til race day.

I am nervous.




But, it should be fun.

I mean - HEY, I delivered 2 babies. How hard can this be?


Amy said...

1st: it stinks that you're dealing with the foot problem.

2nd: the timing totally stinks. I hope you hit the right combo. Do all that stretching, etc and you should be good to go for the race!

And yes, it can't be worse than the whole birthing thing;)

Tammy said...

I agree with Amy- it stinks that you have to deal with the foot problem. And, plunging your foot into ice does NOT sound pleasant.

I know you're nervous, but just remember- you have done the training. You are going to be great at the race.

Julia said...

Ice baths are oddly satisfying. It's the only way I can relieve the jabbing pains in my foot.

Nervous is fine. You're going to do great, though. You're allowed to be nervous, just not negative. If you're negative I'll just have to smack you. Don't think I won't.

Jeff will get you all fixed up, Kel. You will do awesome at the race!

Viv said...

Hope the ice is helping the foot pian. The training is there. I will be thinking about ya and hope the foot will be a ok!

Jen Den said...

I am sorry the foot is giving you a hard time. My feet and legs have been doing the same thing to me. However, I think you are doing AWESOME and I am really proud of you! Hang in there! I hope to do the same as you are doing one day!