Sunday, August 10, 2008


I am back from our wonderful week long vacation in Long Beach Island, NJ. We had a really great time and as much as we hated to leave, we are happy to be home and settling back into our daily routine.

Here is the house we stayed in:

Samantha thought we should buy it. :)

Speaking of Sammy, here she is with me at the rides:

Jeff and I actually did run while vacationing. 21 miles total, actually. That is total craziness, no? Also, I did manage to journal everyday except the last day but I still didnt overdo it so I am pleased with that. My scale hop today was NOT very promising but I am trying not to wig out and lose total control of myself.

We did 2 five-ish milers and then one 10.5 mile run. I was fairly certain that I was going to die during that one but I made it. We basically ran OUT 5 miles so obviously, we had to run BACK 5 more. I ran out of water but a kind woman bringing groceries inside offered us a refill from her fridge when Jeff asked if we could refill my bottle from her hose. Bless that woman. I think she saved me from keeling over on the last mile and a half.

I managed to squeak out 3.25 miles this evening before the thunder and lightning started. I wasnt planning on doing much more than that anyway. The balls of my feet are still sore though the shooting that I felt between my toes has subsided. I also got some good chafing (forgot the BodyGlide) and my ear popped around mile 6 of my long run and I couldnt hear a blasted thing Jeff was saying - I finally told him not to talk to me anymore. :)

Ah yes, running is awesome. However, I DID burn upwards of 2400 calories during those 3 runs (1200 in the last one alone...).

One more picture from vacation...

Surfer girls

We are already making plans to go back next year!

Oh and Jessie and Rascal both survived the kennel AND got groomed. I called twice to be sure that Jessie was faring well and the kennel owner said that she was her usual mopey self but she was fine physically. She said that she was being a bit weird about getting taken out of the kennel (no doubt related to all she has been through at the vet) so they put her in an open kennel by the front office and she had free reign of the place while they were there. She came and went as she pleased and went on her walks with Rascal.

I ♥ that kennel.

When I got there to pick them up, Jessie just about blew a gasket when she saw me. Usually, she ignores me a bit and makes me suffer but she was all over me this time and didnt even put me through the ignore punishment at all. Rascal, I am fairly sure, forgot about us. :) When they let him walk out to the waiting area, it actually took a moment for him to recognize me and then he completely freaked out. I think he figured we had left him there. Poor dumb boy. :) Gotta love him.


HOLYCRAP!!! The half marathon is 3 weeks from TODAY.



Jen Den said...

Oh wow! You have been training so hard....I am in awe of how much you've been running. You're gonna do great.

Vacation looks so fun. I love that house. I want to go on a fun vacation!!!!

Diario de Elysia said...

Soo awesome that you got your runs in during vacation.

Spetacular house Jkell....glad the fam had a great vacation.

Aren't beach vacations the best?

You are going to rock that half woman!

Kelly said...

Welcome back Kelly! Looks like a great time

Tammy said...

Your vacation sounds fabulous! Great job on getting those runs in.

You are so ready for that half!

Just why don't you buy that house, huh? Huh? Sounds like a great idea to me.