Friday, August 15, 2008

Getting nervous

So, the half marathon is 2 weeks and 2 days from today.

I am going to try to do a "dry run" (so to speak) this Sunday with the outfit I think I am going to wear and with what I think I am going to eat and around the time that I will be running on the actual race day. It wont be an exact carbon copy though because race day will have me waking around 4 (*THUD*) and I will not likely be doing the full distance. BUT, if I can get out by 8 or so and do around 12, I will at least have a decent idea of how my new shorts are working and what kind of fuel I will need.

I did an easy 5k tonight BUT I did it in 32m 10s which is 2m 2s faster than my best 5k ever. So, that is pretty promising. I am hoping to do a 5k or two in the fall and maybe blow some doors off...*giggle*

I have been having trouble with my neck on the right side/down into my shoulder blade lately. This morning, I woke up and hit snooze at least 4 times (I didnt actually have to be up for any reason...) and each time, I remember that it was a song from my running playlist. As I rolled over, my neck twinged and I SWEAR that my dreams told me that my neck/shoulder hurt on that side b/c that is the hand that I ALWAYS carry my water in.


My dream diagnosed my problem.

So, I ran it past Jeff and he agreed that it could certainly be a contributing factor.

So, tonight I ran without water. It was hard to finish but I surely did survive. I think I might have done better than when I have the water with me. I set a bottle on the step in case I needed to run past the house and grab some but I did okay without it for the 3.1 miles. I wont even need to go that long in VA Beach without a water break but I will probably wear my water belt anyway.

I went to the Nike outlet yesterday and got a pair of black/white running shorts and an aqua blue top. Then I went to Dicks today and got a pair of red Adidas shorts and a white top. My shoes have red in them but I didnt know if I wanted to be all Matchy-Matcherton or anything. :) I will try them both out and see which is the most comfy with the least chub rub.

I ran 10k this past Wednesday and I witnessed a murder. A cat came out of NOWHERE and attacked a poor bunny. The rabbit squealed and I actually stopped and yelled at the cat. Its owner happened to be outside watering the grass and just stood there. I didnt stick around b/c I was afraid that the cat would let up and the bunny would still be alive and...well...*shudder*...never mind.

So, this week, I hate cats.

OK - I am off to shower and then fall asleep to the Olympics which has been the norm lately. :)

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Amy said...

Holy crap Kel! You rock!! Great job on the time and mileage.