Friday, August 29, 2008

Counting down...

I am nervous.

My foot is not much better. I have been stretching and icing and we have been trying the pads but I cant tell if they are helping or not. I am going to try my best to rest them today and continue the treatment and then just let it go from there.

We are planning on dropping the dogs at the kennel around 9 or so and heading on down. That way, we can get to the hotel, check in, go to the Expo, maybe grab an early dinner and then head back to chill out at the hotel and maybe go for a swim or something in the pool before calling it a day.

I am going to wear these shorts and those are my socks *giggle*:

And a white wicking top which I dont have a picture of.

I will also likely wear my Nike hat in case it is rainy.

The weather report was calling for a 30% chance of rain so that means there is a 70% chance that it WONT rain, right?

I got a little clip on pouch for my phone and iPod (in case I need it and to track my run). I will throw a few band aids and Gatorade packs in there. I am thinking that I will probably pin a baggie to it with toilet paper :) and some Luna moons in it.

I am hoping to cross that finish line, come hell or high water. I have worked so hard for this and I HATE that I am having this foot problem now. I know that I will not be happy if I have to walk a majority of the race but it is what it is and walking will be better than sustaining stress fractures that will knock me off my feet.

So, say a little prayer that all goes well and I will be back to post, hopefully, a glorious race report on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

A pain in the foot

Well, after my very athletic endeavor of running 13.1, I am experiencing quite a bit of pain in my foot up around the base of my second and third toes. To give it a name, it is metatarsalgia. Apparently my bones are messed up in my toes, creating untold stress on the middle of the ball of my foot while running and pain so bad it makes you wanna smack yer momma.

So, I was depressed this weekend.

New plan is to NOT run this week, to ice and stretch my calves and hamstrings (which apparently contribute to this problem) and see how it goes. Jeff is trying out some different padding choices in my shoes but I dont think we have hit the right combo yet.

Icing your feet is very painful but I have developed a system of slowly increasing the iced-ness of the water instead of plunging wholehog into the icy bath from hell creating a sensation of jabbing 10,000 knives into my feet at once.

7 days til race day.

I am nervous.




But, it should be fun.

I mean - HEY, I delivered 2 babies. How hard can this be?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I cant believe I ran the whole thing :)

So, I intended to run 12 today but I figured that once I got there, whats 1.1 more, right?

I was going to get up early (yeah right) and try to run as close to the time I would when I am in VA Beach but that didnt happen. I rolled out the door at 9:15 after having 2 cups of coffee, half a banana and a small bagel square with peanut butter.

I again did not carry water with me which meant that I had to return to my water stop (aka home) every 3 miles or so. But I was pleased that I was able to do this even though it was hotter than hell and certainly more humid.

So, I did about 3 with a run 5 minutes, walk 3 minutes interval, and then stopped at home for some fluids. Then back out minutes later for a run 7, walk 3 interval to about 6.5 and then home for fluids and some energy chew thingies. Then I stopped on the corner to chat with Megan for a minute or so then on to my third segment. Run 8, walk 3 to mile 9.35 and then home for some PowerAde. At this point, I knew that I could do the whole thing. I had it in my mind from the beginning so I was fairly confident that I was pacing myself accordingly.

I went back out but my legs and feet were protesting and I had to drop back to the run 5, walk 3 interval. I thought my lungs were going to explode and my feet were going to fall off around mile 11. I think that I need to refuel with some GU or something around mile 10 if I expect to finish with a decent time.

Each time I stopped, I paused my Nike+ and HRM to try to get an accurate reading of my run time. I know this is kind of cheating but I felt that I would certainly not be lingering for 3-4 minutes at any water stops during the race (well, hopefully not anyway) so it was more or less fair.

I finished in 2 hours 29 minutes and 11 secs. My average pace was 11 min 13 secs which is pretty good for me.

I was so offensive when I got home but I had to lay on the floor for about 10 minutes and of course, upload my run to :) before I was able to go shower the stank off.

Ask me if I EVER thought I would run this far. Go ahead - ask me.

NO. No I never ever in a million bazillion years thought that I would complete this distance.

I MAY try to do it again next weekend with a few easy runs during the week with my water belt on and not stopping the way I did today and see how that goes. I might not. I will see how I feel about it.

Now I know I CAN do it. Even in the heat and humidity and with only 3 water stops (there are like 7 at the race). I hope to recreate something close to today's time and I think with the excitement and overall format of the race, I will be faster and running on more adrenaline so I SHOULD be able to do it in under 2 1/2 hours which would make me way happy.

I am dressed like I am going somewhere but I am not positive that my legs will cooperate so I think I will go plop on the couch for a while and see what the rest of the afternoon brings.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Getting nervous

So, the half marathon is 2 weeks and 2 days from today.

I am going to try to do a "dry run" (so to speak) this Sunday with the outfit I think I am going to wear and with what I think I am going to eat and around the time that I will be running on the actual race day. It wont be an exact carbon copy though because race day will have me waking around 4 (*THUD*) and I will not likely be doing the full distance. BUT, if I can get out by 8 or so and do around 12, I will at least have a decent idea of how my new shorts are working and what kind of fuel I will need.

I did an easy 5k tonight BUT I did it in 32m 10s which is 2m 2s faster than my best 5k ever. So, that is pretty promising. I am hoping to do a 5k or two in the fall and maybe blow some doors off...*giggle*

I have been having trouble with my neck on the right side/down into my shoulder blade lately. This morning, I woke up and hit snooze at least 4 times (I didnt actually have to be up for any reason...) and each time, I remember that it was a song from my running playlist. As I rolled over, my neck twinged and I SWEAR that my dreams told me that my neck/shoulder hurt on that side b/c that is the hand that I ALWAYS carry my water in.


My dream diagnosed my problem.

So, I ran it past Jeff and he agreed that it could certainly be a contributing factor.

So, tonight I ran without water. It was hard to finish but I surely did survive. I think I might have done better than when I have the water with me. I set a bottle on the step in case I needed to run past the house and grab some but I did okay without it for the 3.1 miles. I wont even need to go that long in VA Beach without a water break but I will probably wear my water belt anyway.

I went to the Nike outlet yesterday and got a pair of black/white running shorts and an aqua blue top. Then I went to Dicks today and got a pair of red Adidas shorts and a white top. My shoes have red in them but I didnt know if I wanted to be all Matchy-Matcherton or anything. :) I will try them both out and see which is the most comfy with the least chub rub.

I ran 10k this past Wednesday and I witnessed a murder. A cat came out of NOWHERE and attacked a poor bunny. The rabbit squealed and I actually stopped and yelled at the cat. Its owner happened to be outside watering the grass and just stood there. I didnt stick around b/c I was afraid that the cat would let up and the bunny would still be alive and...well...*shudder*...never mind.

So, this week, I hate cats.

OK - I am off to shower and then fall asleep to the Olympics which has been the norm lately. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I am back from our wonderful week long vacation in Long Beach Island, NJ. We had a really great time and as much as we hated to leave, we are happy to be home and settling back into our daily routine.

Here is the house we stayed in:

Samantha thought we should buy it. :)

Speaking of Sammy, here she is with me at the rides:

Jeff and I actually did run while vacationing. 21 miles total, actually. That is total craziness, no? Also, I did manage to journal everyday except the last day but I still didnt overdo it so I am pleased with that. My scale hop today was NOT very promising but I am trying not to wig out and lose total control of myself.

We did 2 five-ish milers and then one 10.5 mile run. I was fairly certain that I was going to die during that one but I made it. We basically ran OUT 5 miles so obviously, we had to run BACK 5 more. I ran out of water but a kind woman bringing groceries inside offered us a refill from her fridge when Jeff asked if we could refill my bottle from her hose. Bless that woman. I think she saved me from keeling over on the last mile and a half.

I managed to squeak out 3.25 miles this evening before the thunder and lightning started. I wasnt planning on doing much more than that anyway. The balls of my feet are still sore though the shooting that I felt between my toes has subsided. I also got some good chafing (forgot the BodyGlide) and my ear popped around mile 6 of my long run and I couldnt hear a blasted thing Jeff was saying - I finally told him not to talk to me anymore. :)

Ah yes, running is awesome. However, I DID burn upwards of 2400 calories during those 3 runs (1200 in the last one alone...).

One more picture from vacation...

Surfer girls

We are already making plans to go back next year!

Oh and Jessie and Rascal both survived the kennel AND got groomed. I called twice to be sure that Jessie was faring well and the kennel owner said that she was her usual mopey self but she was fine physically. She said that she was being a bit weird about getting taken out of the kennel (no doubt related to all she has been through at the vet) so they put her in an open kennel by the front office and she had free reign of the place while they were there. She came and went as she pleased and went on her walks with Rascal.

I ♥ that kennel.

When I got there to pick them up, Jessie just about blew a gasket when she saw me. Usually, she ignores me a bit and makes me suffer but she was all over me this time and didnt even put me through the ignore punishment at all. Rascal, I am fairly sure, forgot about us. :) When they let him walk out to the waiting area, it actually took a moment for him to recognize me and then he completely freaked out. I think he figured we had left him there. Poor dumb boy. :) Gotta love him.


HOLYCRAP!!! The half marathon is 3 weeks from TODAY.