Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's been a while...

WOW - I havent posted in almost a week which is a worlds record for me. I also havent run in over a week which is also, of late, a record.

On Wednesday, after hearing the news, we opted to take the girls for their photo shoot since they were so looking forward to it and it would be a nice distraction for me. It went great. You can see the pictures here: www.farwellphotography.com/Bonnette

Afterwards, we went to Ruby Tuesday's (Girls choice) for dinner and we told them the sad news. They cried. I cried. It was hard to say and hard for them to hear but they asked some questions and seemed okay with it. Sammy is more concerned about what Nana's heaven is like and what she is doing. Sarah, as per her usual, is more introspective and would just come hug on me every once in a while.

They slept over in our room that night and we had a nice "girl" morning on Thursday as we ran a few errands and packed for the weekend. We left for NJ when Jeff got home from work.

We spent the weekend hanging out with the fam which was nice. Jeff's family had 2 different 4th of July parties on Friday and, even though I really didnt feel like it, we all went to both. It was another good diversion but people kept expressing their sympathy and it made me cry everytime. :(

Saturday, we went to Kara and Jeffs for dinner and wound up sifting through lots of pictures that will be part of the memorial service on Saturday. Sunday, we left around noon and it was weird coming home. Sunday afternoon was probably the hardest b/c there wasnt much to do but sit around and think. And do laundry, of course.

I walked with Jeff and Sarah for just about 3 miles on Saturday morning. My leg felt pretty good but started aching a teensy bit towards the end. I think that I am going to try to run/walk a few miles tonight and see how it goes. I have lost my mojo for healthy eating and running. Completely. I feel awful, I think I look awful and I need to get it back or else it will slip away completely which would NOT be okday.

Jessie threw up on Saturday and then again yesterday. I am worried about her. I spoke to Jinni and she said that it was possible that she could have a little ulcer brewing in her abdomen so we will get her some Pepcid and lay off the pain meds for a while. Or, of course, it could be something more sinister and THAT I cant think about right now.

I am sure that God or Divine Providence or Fate or whatever would NOT make me endure losing my Jess right now. There is no way. That would be way too cruel.

So, on that note, I need to finish up my work day with my last appointment, stop at CVS to get the Pepcid and then get home to try desperately to make some sense out of my house.



J-Mo said...

Kel, your weekend sounds pretty nice - especially considering all you've been through these last couple of weeks. The photos are absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous, really.

Amy said...

O.K. That made me cry. It's been hard for you guys. I hope the pepcid makes Jessie feel better.

Carly said...

Kelly the girls' photos are beautiful! Sounds like a decent weekend. Little Jessie is in my thoughts. I hope the pepcid works.

Lori said...

Kel, the pictures are beautiful. You're going to have a hard time picking through those. When we did that with TJ I swear we had 50 photos by the time we were done, and that was only 1 kid!

I'm worried about Jess for you. I hope the pepcid helps and that this isn't anything serious.

I'm glad your weekend went as well as it did.

Don't be too hard on yourself about the food and running. You'll get back to it, but sometimes we all need a sanity break. Be gentle with yourself.

Jen said...

Your girls are just too precious for words!

I hope Jessie is OK, you really don't need any more heartbreak in your life right now.

Hang in there, and you're in my thoughts.

Al's CL Reviews said...

The pics are wonderful.

I'll keep Jessie in my thoughts.

Julia said...

The pics are gorgeous. Not that I would expect anything different.

Kel, just remember to be kind to yourself. You're beautiful, inside and out. Don't let your grief tell you otherwise!

Charlotte said...

Your girls are too beautiful Kelly. I'm so sorry you have such heartache and that you feel so crappy. I hope Jessie hangs in there.

Take care of yourself! {{hugs}}