Tuesday, July 22, 2008

4 miles

This interval thing is a little hard but it does make time go faster b/c I am so concerned with what my HR is and what my timing is that I almost forget about distance. But it is KILLING my pace. However, my trainer just gives me the googly eye when I bring it up. :)

Lets discuss chub rub.

Is there anything more uncomfortable or embarrassing than a little chub rub in your running shorts?

I have 3 pairs of the same ones and they USED to be fine. Now, maybe it isnt chub run but the exact opposite which is more of a loose material gathering in the thigh region. Maybe they are actually a little too big. But, it still feels and, I am sure, LOOKS like chubination happening there resulting in a wad of material, usually just one side, riding up into the crotchal area.


I am actually thinking about trying out a running skirt. Something tells me that I will feel WAY overdressed to go out and run. But, it WOULD eliminate the chub issue so that would surely be a bonus.

Any input on this from others who have tried the running skirt thing would be appreciated. I feel like it is sort of like the bathing suit skirt. *shudder* I refuse to wear one b/c I know that it looks like I am trying to hide something (i.e. CHUB) which, of course, I am. But, I dont want to LOOK like I am trying to hide it. Like I am making a conscious choice to wear, say board shorts, b/c...well, I dont know...I am so athletic? I surf on a surf BOARD, hence the need for the board SHORTS? I doubt that I am kidding anyone really.

I refuse to spend a lot of money on an article of clothing that I despise so despite everyone's urging to try the Lands End suits that run around $100, I did manage to shop at Penneys and find a cute top to go with my existing board shorts as well as...ahem...a STRAIGHT, not flouncy, suit skirt type bottom that looks more like a cover up.

So, I am sure that I will have everyone fooled.

Why I care so much, I dont know. :)

So, I did 4 miles today. My coach has me scheduled for 8 on Thursday so I am psyched to give that a go! My thigh is better but I have a small shooting pain in my left foot now which I believe is there b/c I am trying to engage my glutes in my running motion b/c it helps. So, yup, my BUTT muscle is making my FOOT hurt.

Oy vey.

Oh and Sarah is going to the orthodontist next Tuesday. And Jeff needs some oral surgery which the dental insurance says is too medical and the medical insurance says is too dental. Add these things together and the result of the equation is that we are screwed.

We SO need to enroll in the flex spending account in January.

Eh. I need to go to bed.


Jen said...

Ack, you're catching up to me again! WTG on getting back into it after your troubles.

Kelly said...

Vaseline is great for chub rub! My DH once accused me of having an extra marital affair after seeing my chub rub..:/

Kelly said...

It isnt an actual chafing...just bunchy material. Annoying nonetheless...

Amy said...

Sounds like you need shorts in a smaller size dahling.

Meh. I have a Lands End suit, with the straight kind of skirt. It's cute and looks better than having the suit cut into the hip chub.

AKA Alice said...

I agree with Kelly about the Vaseline...it's messy, but it works. So does Glide.

I don't have an opinion about skirts...I think I'd get chub-rub in a skirt too if it rode up. But LOTS of women are wearing them out here.