Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I havebeen using Jeff's HR interval training and it has really helped me to improve my overall pace since returning from the leg injury. WhenI first came back, my overall pace was about 13m 26s a mile. YUCK, huh? Now, 9 days later and a healthy leg owner, I am down to 12m 15s a mile. Not bad for such a short amount of time! If I can shave 1 more minute off, I will be back to my average pace from pre-injury days.

I will continue on.

I forgot to mention that Jeff partook (is that a word?) of his Fathers Day gift this weekend. We went to Dover Downs Speedway ("The Monster") and he was able to ride shotgun in a retired race car! He was way excited and although it went by so fast, he was permanently smiling for at least an hour afterwards!

I shall add pictures once I get them uploaded.

We then went to the Delaware State Fair which was actually LOTS of fun - we only had Sammy with us as Sarah was at GS camp for 4 days. FOUR DAYS. I thought I was going to have a meltdown the day she left (AFTER I dropped her off) and apparently, she DID have a meltdown Friday night but we both made it through and now life is back to normal...whatever that is, right?

We leave for Long Beach Island in NJ on Saturday and I cannot wait!!!!!! It will be a challenge to maintain the 6.5 lb loss that I have scored by eating mindfully and running the past three weeks. BUT, I plan on getting in my regular runs while at the beach since there will be lots of babysitters and lots of time. I WILL achieve my 10 lb goal by Labor Day. By then, my ultimate goal will be within reach for the first time in a long time. :)

Friday, July 25, 2008


That is how many calories I burned on my 8 miler last night. I counted that as 10 APs and I ate every single one. :)

I need to clarify that when I say I have gone 8 miles or 6 miles or 4 or whatever...I am not able to run the whole time. It suddenly occurred to me that I am not truly a RUNNER because I cant run more than 1-1.5 miles at a time. Never have - will I ever?

That feels sucky but I guess that my overall endurance will improve. I have trouble, obviously, with my leg but breathing is also an issue - I wonder if using my inhaler even in warm weather (my EIA has only ever acted up in the cold) would be a good idea.

Just a thought.

My coach assures me that I AM a runner b/c lots of peeps run/walk. Eh. I just tend to want to be better than I am I guess. Dont we all???

Today is a DOR and I feel better than I thought I would. My time doing the 8 was not much worse than the last time I did 8 - I was off by about 6 minutes (longer on this one) and my pace was only a wee bit more overall. But that was pre-injury. My overall pace on this run was a minute less than my overall on my 4 and 6 milers so that is encouraging as well.

I am wondering if I will do the half in less than 3?? I am shooting for 2h 30m. Somewhere in between is likely where I will fall. Then, I will have a baseline to improve on in Baltimore in October!

Sammy has strep throat.


Tomorrow, Jeff is going to be partaking of his Fathers Day gift which was a 4 lap ride in a NASCAR at Dover Downs Speedway in DE. He is NOT a NASCAR fan but I thought it would be a neat experience overall and he is psyched for it. I am sure that the peanut will be better by then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep your fingers crossed...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

4 miles

This interval thing is a little hard but it does make time go faster b/c I am so concerned with what my HR is and what my timing is that I almost forget about distance. But it is KILLING my pace. However, my trainer just gives me the googly eye when I bring it up. :)

Lets discuss chub rub.

Is there anything more uncomfortable or embarrassing than a little chub rub in your running shorts?

I have 3 pairs of the same ones and they USED to be fine. Now, maybe it isnt chub run but the exact opposite which is more of a loose material gathering in the thigh region. Maybe they are actually a little too big. But, it still feels and, I am sure, LOOKS like chubination happening there resulting in a wad of material, usually just one side, riding up into the crotchal area.


I am actually thinking about trying out a running skirt. Something tells me that I will feel WAY overdressed to go out and run. But, it WOULD eliminate the chub issue so that would surely be a bonus.

Any input on this from others who have tried the running skirt thing would be appreciated. I feel like it is sort of like the bathing suit skirt. *shudder* I refuse to wear one b/c I know that it looks like I am trying to hide something (i.e. CHUB) which, of course, I am. But, I dont want to LOOK like I am trying to hide it. Like I am making a conscious choice to wear, say board shorts, b/c...well, I dont know...I am so athletic? I surf on a surf BOARD, hence the need for the board SHORTS? I doubt that I am kidding anyone really.

I refuse to spend a lot of money on an article of clothing that I despise so despite everyone's urging to try the Lands End suits that run around $100, I did manage to shop at Penneys and find a cute top to go with my existing board shorts as well as...ahem...a STRAIGHT, not flouncy, suit skirt type bottom that looks more like a cover up.

So, I am sure that I will have everyone fooled.

Why I care so much, I dont know. :)

So, I did 4 miles today. My coach has me scheduled for 8 on Thursday so I am psyched to give that a go! My thigh is better but I have a small shooting pain in my left foot now which I believe is there b/c I am trying to engage my glutes in my running motion b/c it helps. So, yup, my BUTT muscle is making my FOOT hurt.

Oy vey.

Oh and Sarah is going to the orthodontist next Tuesday. And Jeff needs some oral surgery which the dental insurance says is too medical and the medical insurance says is too dental. Add these things together and the result of the equation is that we are screwed.

We SO need to enroll in the flex spending account in January.

Eh. I need to go to bed.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Interval training

Well, last night, I did 6 miles. WOOHOO

I have started doing HR interval training as recommended by my trainer (Jeff, that is). It has been working really well and I think that it will allow me to extend my mileage more quickly using it. For the first time in a long time, I am starting to feel like I WILL get to VA Beach AND feel prepared. I knew I would go but I was so afraid that I would feel ill-equipped...My pace stinks b/c I am concentrating on keeping my heart rate in the appropriate zone which requires me to run a bit slower/walk quickly - this KILLS my overall pace but as Jeff says, I am not looking to win, just finish.

I am also going every other day which is weird for me b/c before, on my other program, I was going back to back on a few days but I know this is better for my leg's recovery. Jeff has been working on the IT Band and my left quad, both of which hurt really really bad when he pushed on them but it does seem effective the next day.


I took Sarah to the eye doctor today for a vision test b/c she has been complaining of not being able to see very well. I was fairly certain that she was faking at least a little. Turns out she has 20/70 vision and is, indeed, nearsighted. OMG My girl is getting glasses. Good news is, kid glasses are pretty cheap. Bad news, she will likely need new ones every year. Sarah is tickled pink and even found an elephant eyeglass case to match which is more than perfect for her. It was meant to be.

She will be going to the orthodontist in the next few weeks for a consult. Poor girl. She cant WAIT to have braces either. Silly thing.

Sarah is off to camp on Friday for FOUR days without me!!! What will I do?????? Then next week we are off to the beach for a week. I. CANT. WAIT.

Jessie is faring pretty well. She has lots of waggy days so I am pleased.

Sammy is receiving nightly "visits" from Nana. I am not sure what to make of that but as long as she doesnt go all Sixth Sense on me, I am okay with it. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting back on track

I am still having some trouble with my left leg in the quad area. It was feeling better and then I rammed my toe into the base of Jeff's Total Gym and I swear that I felt it all the way up to my thigh! I cant catch a break on that leg...

Anyway, I ran 3 miles last night. 3 miles EXACTLY. I have been trying to increase my actual running distance/time without walking and it is going pretty well. I just dont want to irritate my leg anymore than it is.

Jeff also is having me pay more attention to my heart rate. It makes sense that if I track my HR a little better, my endurance should improve by not going ALL OUT from the get-go b/c it totally throws me off.

On a happy note, I have managed to stick with the WeWa program for almost a week now. With the exception of Saturday and Nana's memorial service (which was VERY nice but sad), I have tracked points everyday. It is getting a little easier. I am most proud that even though I overdid it on Saturday, I jumped right back on the wagon Sunday morning. That has always been my downfall...I fall off the wagon and then throw in the towel for a few weeks.

I am determined to lose 10 pounds by Labor Day. My plan is to journal and follow points daily. On running days, I will eat ALL APs. I am going to play with FPs and see how it goes...I may use 7 FPs on training days to get in my pre and post workout meals/snacks because they are truly very important. APs will be for whatever I want during that day. I will see how it goes and tweak it as I go along.

Jessie is doing okay. She has had a few episodes of stomach upset but she has been pretty bright. Definitely a different dog than a year ago but she is doing just fine for now.

Sammy has done a total "about face". We had a REAAAALLLYYY bad week with her last week (no wonder with everything going on) and I had many talks with her. I was SOOO frustrated and feeling so down about her behavior. Anyway - since last Friday, she has become "Alien Samantha". She is cooperative and pleasant. The whining has diminished exponentially. I keep waiting for Opposite Day to end but so far, so good. She had a couple 5 year old meltdowns which is to be expected but other than that, she has REALLY stepped it up and is acting more what I would expect from her at this point.

Today is a DOR. I will do my stretches and I might run over to see Jeff for some physical therapy this afternoon. I was able to rearrange my afternoon so I am totally OFF!!!!! I stopped at JCPenney today and picked up a few things including a bathing suit though I am not convinced that I like it so I will hang onto it just in case I cant find something better.

I just really hate bathing suits...

You know what would really suck? If you were googling for cartoon pictures appropriate for how you feel in a bathing suit for your blog and you came across this one with the label "Fat Lady on Beach" and when you looked at it, it was YOU? That would really not make a person's day...just a thought.

Oh and the reason why that would upset the most is b/c that ^^^^ person isnt even that big for goodness sake!!!

People are annoying.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's been a while...

WOW - I havent posted in almost a week which is a worlds record for me. I also havent run in over a week which is also, of late, a record.

On Wednesday, after hearing the news, we opted to take the girls for their photo shoot since they were so looking forward to it and it would be a nice distraction for me. It went great. You can see the pictures here:

Afterwards, we went to Ruby Tuesday's (Girls choice) for dinner and we told them the sad news. They cried. I cried. It was hard to say and hard for them to hear but they asked some questions and seemed okay with it. Sammy is more concerned about what Nana's heaven is like and what she is doing. Sarah, as per her usual, is more introspective and would just come hug on me every once in a while.

They slept over in our room that night and we had a nice "girl" morning on Thursday as we ran a few errands and packed for the weekend. We left for NJ when Jeff got home from work.

We spent the weekend hanging out with the fam which was nice. Jeff's family had 2 different 4th of July parties on Friday and, even though I really didnt feel like it, we all went to both. It was another good diversion but people kept expressing their sympathy and it made me cry everytime. :(

Saturday, we went to Kara and Jeffs for dinner and wound up sifting through lots of pictures that will be part of the memorial service on Saturday. Sunday, we left around noon and it was weird coming home. Sunday afternoon was probably the hardest b/c there wasnt much to do but sit around and think. And do laundry, of course.

I walked with Jeff and Sarah for just about 3 miles on Saturday morning. My leg felt pretty good but started aching a teensy bit towards the end. I think that I am going to try to run/walk a few miles tonight and see how it goes. I have lost my mojo for healthy eating and running. Completely. I feel awful, I think I look awful and I need to get it back or else it will slip away completely which would NOT be okday.

Jessie threw up on Saturday and then again yesterday. I am worried about her. I spoke to Jinni and she said that it was possible that she could have a little ulcer brewing in her abdomen so we will get her some Pepcid and lay off the pain meds for a while. Or, of course, it could be something more sinister and THAT I cant think about right now.

I am sure that God or Divine Providence or Fate or whatever would NOT make me endure losing my Jess right now. There is no way. That would be way too cruel.

So, on that note, I need to finish up my work day with my last appointment, stop at CVS to get the Pepcid and then get home to try desperately to make some sense out of my house.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sad day

Well, Nana died today. It happened around 2 pm. Yesterday, she agreed that she wanted the ventilator removed and not have any other treatments. We knew it would only be a matter of a day or two but it is still hard to wrap your brain around.

I will try to do my own little memorial to her in the next few days but I cant think right now.