Monday, June 30, 2008


I feel like the tone of my blog has turned from one of light-heartedness and fun to sadness and complaints.

Between Nana, Jessie and my stupid leg, things have not been very happy around here.

But I guess we need to take the good with bad and move on...

Here are some updates:

Nana was supposed to come home from the rehab on Saturday but instead, had a heart attack and landed her butt in the ICU on Thursday afternoon. We went up there on Friday and had the opportunity to spend some time with her on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, because she was in ICU, the girls were not able to visit. Nana was laughing and joking and discussing the deal she had made with God to stay around to see Kara and Jeff's baby in December...

Jeff and the girls and I left and mom went to say goodbye when Nana started having more chest pains and needed some nitroglycerin to calm it down. Later that night, they gave her some morphine for the pains and scheduled a cardiac catheterization (sp??) for Monday. Fast forward to today and mom called this morning and said that Nana was BACK on the ventilator and her lungs had fluid again. She was going to receive dialysis today and see if that helped. If not, well, I dont know...I dont think they know either...

Jessie went into the vet on Friday and she still had a temperature. She had been acting a little down in the dumps on Thurs/Fri so I was pretty sure that something was not quite right. I had spoken with Jinni on Friday morning and she said that she was pretty much stumped at this point and short of some rare medical condition, she had no idea of what was truly wrong with my fuzzygirl. Anyway, we had a long talk with our local vet and she said that at this point, it was okay to say WHEN and to simply take it day by day without more tests or treatments or anything. We will keep her on antibiotics and add a pain reliever and see how it goes. Dr Kearns said "You will know when it is time".


TIME???? Not what one wants to hear but I am a realist and know that there will come a TIME when we say enough is enough. Also, there is only so much money you can put out before it starts to hurt (and $1700 later, we are starting to notice the pinch).

Soooo....we went up to NJ and Jessie got spoiled with love by everyone. Saturday morning, I awoke to Rascal and Jessie romping around the room which she hasnt been doing at ALL for the past few weeks. This dog has me so confused. She was fine yesterday and this morning. I am fairly certain that she is doing it on purpose b/c when she is "sick" she gets better food. :)

Her bloodwork came back with some improvements in the white blood cells and platelets but the red blood cells were still down and showed signs of anemia and dehydration. The vet is going to look into vitamin supplements and such. The doggie ibuprofren is really helping her a lot.

My leg is much better than it was though I havent been able to run on it yet. I have been stretching and taking Advil pretty religiously as prescribed by my trainer. :) My half marathon is 9 weeks from yesterday and I am feeling antsy about getting back in gear.

ON a happy note, today is Rascal's 10th birthday. He just wagged away like crazy as we sang today. I will pick up some doggie ice cream at the grocery store today on my way home so we can celebrate for real!


Amy said...

Aww Kel. Sorry about all the news. Poor Gma. She's really going through it.

I could see the confusion with Jessie! She has good days and bad days the little bugger.

Glad your behaving and nursing your leg:)

Lori said...

Your blog seems like life Kel. Sometimes things are up and light hearted, other times things are more intense. It's your life.

I'm worried for you Nana. I'll be thinking of her and all of you.

Jessie, what a booger. I'm glad she's having some good days. With TJ I always thought a couple of good days in a row and I almost have a good week.

Take it slow and as long as the blood work keeps improving, hang in there.

Take it easy on your leg, our physical bodies really have a way of manifesting things to take care of our spiritual bodies.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I agree with Lori. You are having "life happen," as I call it.

My thoughts are with your Nana and Jessie. Happy Birthday to Rascal.

Follow the advice of your "personal" trainer. Don't start to soon, or it might be your one and only marathon.

Delane said...

I agree with what everyone said. Take care of youself!

Tammy said...

Take care, Kelly.
So sorry to hear about your gma.

And with Jessie. Although, I'm glad you're getting some good times with Jessie these days.

You better keep on listening to the "expert" over there and keep nursing that leg!

Julia said...

Kel, one of the things I like the most about you is that you do take the good with the bad. You have a light-hearted approach, and are extremely thoughtful & caring. If you can't express yourself here, in your own space, where else can you???

Sorry to hear your Gma is going through such a rough time. Let me know if there's anything you need.

I think the key with Jessie is to enjoy her and lavish her with love. I know it's a nebulous comment, but I agree with the vet - I think you'll know when it's time.

J-Mo said...

Kel, I'm so sorry about all the stress and sad stuff going on. When it rains, it pours, yanno? *Literally*.

My thoughts are with you.

Diario de Elysia said...

Sorry about your pooch and your Nana. It just sucks.

Kelly said...

Kelly I'm so sorry about your grandma and pooch. You've been through a lot lately. Hang in there.