Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pup update, American Idol Party and a run (finally!)

This has not been Jessie's best week. She spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the vet ALL DAY getting IVs. I would go see her at lunchtime and take her out for a walk. She perked up pretty nicely upon leaving but on Tues and Wed, she still went down hill in the evening. We had no answers. On Thursday, her temp had finally come down for the first time but her blood work remained messed up.

I finally brought up the "C" word. Or maybe the "L" word would be more fitting. My research had lead me to believe that Jessie could very possibly have Leukemia or Lymphoma...the vet there that day agreed that it was a distinct possibility.

Now, some of you know AbFab (aka Jinni) from the WeWa message boards - our resident vet who posts on the L2L thread daily. She and I had been in email contact and she had thrown some ideas my way that I shared with the vets and the agreed wholeheartedly with her, adding some new medications and running some new tests.

I was a little wigged out when Jinni suggested that they might need to do a bone marrow aspiration to rule out the presence of cancer. But, I was BLOWN AWAY when she volunteered to come down here from Philly to do it for/with my vets.

We decided, on Thursday, to wait until Friday's lab results came back. I slept well Thursday night and Jessie seemed the closest to normal that she has been lately.

Friday morning brought a 9 am phone call that the white blood cells were up BUT not very much and other things were down so it still wasnt looking good. We decided to go forward with the bone marrow test.

I started running errands for Sarah's birthday party that night and making what preparations I could. She had been at overnight camp and would be getting home around 5. The party was at 7.

Jinni called at noon and said she was in town and we would meet up in fifteen minutes at the vet. Jessie was NOT happy about getting back in the car but she went, resigned to the fact that she would be hanging out at her least favorite place AGAIN. :(

I was thrilled to meet Jinni and she was so friendly to Jessie and put me at ease (as mich as possible that is) right away - I knew Jess was in good hands. I was happy to meet her little dog, Minnie, who was definitely the comic relief of the crew.

We spent about an hour or so at the vet. Jessie was sedated and I left the room. I chatted with staff (it was lunch time so there was no one else there). I heard Jessie yelp a couple times but they said that she was just in a twilight state and they werent even really doing anything at the times she yelped.

I went back when the procedure was over and petted Jessie while she came to. She was shaved on her shoulder but didnt seem to be in any pain and her temperature was almost normal.

We met up with Jeff and took Jinni to The Pub for lunch and wee bit of alcohol. :) Yes, at 2:30 in the afternoon... We talked over a lot of information and discussed some "what if " scenarios. I was so excited that Jinni decided to stay overnight to make the trip even more worthwhile and attend the American Idol party!!

When we got home, Jessie was her regular old self and she, Rascal and Minnie got to know one another. Minnie settled in to the pack and developed a particular fondness for Samantha who shared the same feelings of puppylove.

The party went off well, the time just FLEW by! There was lots of singing and laughing and clapping, presents, cakes, ice cream and wine. :)

That night, Minnie decided that Sammy made a comfy pillow and pulled up a blanket on her bed for the night. We hung out and chatted in the morning and Jinni and Pup left around 11.

Jessie has been acting great all day and her temp is low. She has been begging for food, playing frisbee and lounging in the sun...her usual routine.

My girl, today:

Quite a difference from last time, huh?

And the boy too...he is kinda dumb when it comes to pictures:

So, I also got in a 6 mile run today. In two shifts though b/c Lynn was needing a sitter while she and her husband changed "shifts" with the kids so I did 3 then a 20 minute break and the other 3. Considering that I havent run since last Sunday, I was pleased to get my scheduled long run for the week in today!

Keep your fingers and everything else crossable crossed for Jessie. Hopefully we will get the results on Monday and I will update. I just pray that we get through tonight and tomorrow without incident since we are sans vet until Monday!!

Oh, and btw, Nana is kicking butt and taking names in rehab and will maybe be returning home this week! She will have to do dialysis 3 times a week forever but she is doing very well so that is positive!


paige said...

Keeping everything crossed Kelly!

Glad to hear Nana is good as well!

Amy said...

Crossing everything crossable! Wow, chasing a frisbee?!? Good for Jessie!

And the party sounded like a blast.

Glad Grandma is doing well, and that you got in a run!!

Jen said...

Thanks for the Jessie update! Crossing everything for her.

Good news on your Nana too! So glad you got your long run in today.

Yasmin said...

I'm glad she's feeling better. Jinni is the best!

I wanted to rock out at the AI party!

Lori said...

I've been looking for an update, glad things seem to be better. Fingers crossed and puppy prayers said for good news on her tests.

Also good to hear about Nana. I'm glad she's feeling more like herself.

virginia said...

'Twas a fun party. Minnie slept with me last night ('cause she had no choice) but I swear she ran around the house looking for Sammy.

Viv said...

I will be thinking about the pup. I hope it all comes out negative

Glad your Grandma is doing better as well.