Thursday, June 5, 2008

Goofy pictures, crappy run, illuminated runners and Disney dreams

The Zooma pictures came in today. I am trying to figure out which one to get blown up to poster size. *giggle*

Here is me being mega-athletic:

Here is me heading to the finish line:

Here is me crossing said finish line trying to avoid death:

So, I did manage to eek out 3.75 miles on Monday somehow. We took Sammy to Rails to Trails and she rode her bike while Jeff and I ran. We raced her at different parts to do some interval training...I mean FARTLEKS...(ok, so I love that term) and I wound up with sore calves and shins on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday was a day of rest and I took full advantage.

Then, Wednesday brought a horrific storm and the first real tornado WARNING that I can remember since we've lived here. Long long story but I had to rip the girls off the bus which was ordered to park on a side street. They were hysterical - especially Sarah who is a weather-phobe. We huddled by the computer watching the weather reports and it eventually passed. It was scary I tell you!!!

End result was NO RUN for me b/c of the pesky lightning. I know, I know, I am a weenie, right? ;)

Sooooo....I decided to delve into the Wii Fit and Jeff and I had fun egging each other on and beating each other's records on the different balance games. I believe that I am the ski champ and a yoga master. Oh and I kick some major butt in hula hooping. Just sayin'.

Anyway - while I dont think that the Wii Fit burns major calories, apparently doing the ski jump 15,674 times in a row will definitely give you tightness in the lower leg area the next day which was today.

So, when I went out this evening for a 40 minute run, I wasnt feeling too great and the tops of my feet were actually sore in a sore muscle-y sort of way. HUMPH Who knew?

But, I did it. And now I will go stretch the crap outta my lower legs because, people, I am supposed to run for 110 minutes either tomorrow or Saturday. Did you hear me???

110 minutes. That is a very long time. Very long. Very very very veerrryyyyy long.

But, that will be something to worry about tomorrow or the next day, right? I am busy trying to iron out details of where to make reservations for Disney. Tomorrow is our 180 out and I need to be up at the buttcrack of dawn (aka 7 am which IS the buttcrack of dawn to me) to call Disney to be SURE we get a seating in the castle for Sammy's birthday. I will have 3 phones on hold in my house and our friendly Small World travel agent will be calling as well. HOPEFULLY someone will get through. I will update everyone on that tomorrow so try not to lose any sleep over it tonight.

I am also contemplating my next race(s). Jeff and I are likely doing the "Midnight Madness" portion of the 20 in 24 relay in Philly on July 19th.

It is an 8.4 mile loop around the beautiful Schuykill River starting and ending at Boathouse Row. It starts at midnight and you are supposed to wear glow in the dark stuff. There are prizes for the "Most Illuminated" runner. That makes me laugh. I can only imagine what this will be like.

Other than that, there are a few 5Ks we might do - Sarah really wants to do one again but I am not comfortable with running ahead of her so I will have to pace her which will actually be a welcome break!

I have to go wash the stank off and get stretching and to bed in order to wake up to do my Disney duty!!!!!!!!!!


Jen said...

You're just a runnin' fool! I can tell my day of being "caught up" with you on Nike+ is short lived :)

110 minutes?! Holy moley!

Viv said...

Good luck with your long run. Hey it's a good storm when you still have internet and electricity for the computer, right :-)

Delane said...

110 is a long time..GL, you know you will do great!!!

runfatgirl said...

Donut your pictures are so athletic! So awesome. I just checked into Annapolis and it looks like so much fun!