Sunday, June 8, 2008

100 degrees and the Evil Tree Stump of Death

When we woke up on Saturday morning for Sammy's Tball game, I knew it couldnt be good when there was thick fog. I opened the door to let the dogs out and it was SOOOO humid, it was awful.

I had thought about brining my gear and hitting Rails to Trails after Tball but we were running late so I wasnt able to properly eat, hydrate or pack up my stuff. And when I say we were running late, I MEAN that we woke up at 7:40 am for an 8:00 Tball game. I had to catapult the ladies out of bed and out the front door. I think Sammy was still asleep as she stood on first base. But, she woke up by the second inning so it was all good. Must of been the YooHoo she had for breakfast at the ball park.

Sarah went to Camryn's birthday party at Tuckahoe State Park so Sammy, Jeff and I loaded up with fluids and we headed over there as well, to check it out.

Unfortunately, there was no path that we could find for Sammy to ride her bike on while we ran. There was, however, a physical fitness trail that went through a wooded area. Jeff sent me on my way. It was covered by really really really tall trees (nice for blocking out the sun) and the ground was a combination of mulch and pine needles which was easy on the knees but rough on the lower leg.

Anyway, I heard that it was a 2 mile trail so I figured I would run it a few times. (Is this ME talking????? Who am I?????) I got through most of the first go-round and, as Eye of the Tiger came on my iPod, I got a burst of energy and, as I rounded one of the many corners of the path, the Evil Tree Stump of Death popped OUT of the ground and landed under my left foot, causing it to snap outwards.

I was blinded a bit by the pain but I shook it out and walked a little bit and realized that fate had a funny way of reminding me that my mother warned me NOT to run in this heat...but I think that my momma realizes by now that I am not a very good listener when I have my mind made up.

*waving to Mom*

Anyway, I managed to finish the course and then run it once more. I was scheduled for 110 minutes but even *I* know when enough is enough. And 4.5 miles in 100 degrees and 500% humidity is ENOUGH. I consulted a few other training programs and find that most do NOT have such a long run in the beginning so, right or wrong, I changed that 100 minute to a 4 mile run which will put me right where I should be for ramping up starting this week. My training program has me starting miles instead of minutes and then doing +1 mile every weekend up to 12 then tapering down as the half marathon approaches.

Plus, I have been reading about this acclimating thing. If I am going to run 13.1 miles in VA Beach in AUGUST, I had best get myself acclimated to the heat. Everything I have read says it takes 7-14 days to get your body used to running in heat. I hope that everything I read is not lying...

Jeff did one round of the trail while Sammy and I sat in the A/C of the van and then we headed home. I was a total filthy person and couldnt wait to hit the shower. As I exited the van, my ankle decided to give me a fit. hmmmmm....this could be not good. It was worse when I was out of the shower and caused me to lie down and ice it for a bit. Samantha made me watch a Care Bears movie which was tortuous but I survived. Jeff taped me up and I was on my way again.

This morning, it was a wee bit better but my trainer has ordered me off it for 2 days. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR......this messes up my schedule. But better to let it heal now than suffer the repercussions later.

Today, I went to a fund raiser for the ladies running with the Marathon ROCKS running group. It was really nice! Lots of vendors selling all sorts of stuff from Pampered Chef to Mary Kay. I helped Sandy with her display and Lynn with some last minute stuff for her booth. Everything looked great. I bought a princess necklace/bracelet for Sammy for her birthday with the princesses...I got Sarah a star necklace (both from Cookie Lee jewelry) and I got a cool language based game from Discovery Toys. All in all, I did pretty well, considering my penchant for shopping.

I actually had a nice chat with Amy, one of the ROCKS coaches and we discussed training and races and such. I found the following words exiting my mouth: "If I decide to go for the full marathon next year, I will definitely be joining you guys for the coaching and support."


She was very encouraging at this prospect but I am not sure that I heard what she said b/c my eyes had glazed over and my mind went blank as I attempted to ponder that string of words that I never thought I would utter consecutively. I snapped back to reality and realized that that was a whole year away and I need not worry about that now.

My evening consisted of kicking some major butt on WiiFit slalom skiing and step aerobics. Then, cleaning out my closet and emptying the bins of summer clothes that have been sitting in my room for weeks now...(Ay yi yi I hate that job). Will the excitement ever end???? :)


Amy said...

Oh no! I hope your ankle stops giving you trouble. But congrats on getting out there in that heat!! I totally wimped out and enjoyed my run on the treadmill in the a.c. at the Y!

Jen Den said...

Poor thing...I hope it gets better soon! I hate, hate, hate this heat. I can not possibly run in it. I will plan my next race for October.

That leaves all summer for me to run inside and work on speed and endurance.

My run yesterday went really good. I'll blog about it later.

Viv said...

I do hope that ankle recovers quickly.

I did have to LMAO when you said then I kicked ass on the slalom. HAHAHA way to XT while recovering.

Diario de Elysia said...

Ouch. Hope the ankle is doing better today!

Julia said...

I can't imagine running in this sludge. Guess it's a good thing I can't!

I am VERY impressed with your prowess!

I'm LMAO @ the Evil Tree Stump of Death.

AKA Alice said...

I'm just glad to know that I'm not the only mom who thinks YooHoo is the perfect "on the go breakfast drink!" It's Little League Tournament Season here...I don't think my family will have a home cooked meal for the next two weeks!

You are awesome for running in the heat & humidity. I'm also mom/runner/blogger who just ran the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego (last weekend)...but I don't think I'd have it in me to run in the humidity like you are...

Anyway, I've been reading your blog for a little while So impressed am I that I'm tagging you! You can check out my blog for details and decide if you want to participate.