Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend training DONEEEEEE!!!!

So, I survived my first weekend of official training. All I can say is that it is a good thing that I have a training schedule b/c I NEVER would have gone out to run today.


But that was me in my former life, before I had a running schedule.

It still boggles my mind that I say "I have xxx minutes/miles scheduled today." I mean - WHO SAYS THAT????

I ran 5+ miles yesterday and went to the fair as discussed previously.

By the time I hauled myself and 3 kids out of the fair and to meet Jeff at the Mexican restaurant (where Samantha managed to fall head over heels out of her chair but that is a different story) to stuff my face full of cheesey deliciousness, I was MORE than ready for bed.

But those darn kids wanted to ride bikes. WHAT???? They wouldnt listen when I explained that it was WAY past their bedtimes. They have caught on to the whole "daylight" thing. I sat outside in my soccermom chair with Jeff and my equal opportunity black cat, Felix. He doesnt live with us - he lives across the street - BEST kind of cat to have. No litter boxes but all the sneeze inducing lovin I can handle while he kneads his claws into my leg while purring.

THEN all our favorite neighbors came out and we chatted til the sun went down.

THEN, of course, the girls ran next door, FORCING me to go visit with Miss Jackie for an hour.


How can I get to bed when these children force me to socialize???

So, at the late hour of 10 pm (when, in my 20s is when I used to be going OUT), after showers and books, I fell asleep faster than I can say I ever have. With Samantha tucked in my arm, snoozing right along with me.

It was beautiful.

I slept until about 9, got up, made breakfast, drank approximately 27, 987 ounces of coffee and got myself out the door to run.


Like I said - WHO DOES THIS??

I wasnt feeling the love and I definitely wasnt feeling the love whilst running head on into a serious hurricane force wind tunnel that my entire neighborhood is. How can I be running INTO the wind going north (I dont really know if I was going north - I am using it for illustrative purposes only, people) and then turn east and still be running INTO the wind and then turn essentially south and still being running INTO it.

That Mother Nature has a sick sense of humor. I bet SHE never ran even one mile!!!!

So, I got 3.72 miles in in 40 minutes. No over-achieving scheduled today.


tsymsy1 said...

you cannot be a social butterfly wholst in training!!!!!

Teresa said...

Who says that? Lots of us! It is addicting for sure. As for the wind - I wonder that too. It was extremely windy yesterday and it seemed I was riding into it no matter which way I went! I guess it just makes for a better workout. Good job getting your training accomplished *and* socializing!

Yasmin said...

*raising hand*

I say I have xxxx miles scheduled today, then I miss them...

Congrats with the run, sorry about the tornado wanting to take you to Oz.