Thursday, May 8, 2008

Still icky

Well, I seem to have some weird-o bug that apparently has been going around. I went home at 4 yesterday and did not become vertical again until this morning. I am a little better than yesterday but not by much.

I was going to treadmill it in between appointments but the dad of one of my kids starting yapping and took up my getting changed time. I wouldnt be able to give the impression that I was NOT running and WAS fresh as a daisy for my next appointment had I started after he left. And, this is my night to drive to ballet......sooooooo....

I am hoping to get in at least a decent walk/run a little later.

I have also decided that I could dedicate an entire blog to the escapades of Samantha. Some of you know that cute little blonde haired thing... She is a little tiny beast. Most recently, she has lost her hamster. AGAIN. Apparently this happened last night but she didnt realize it til this morning.

And of course, it is not her fault.

And of course, she cannot remember where she had it last.

I just hope that she didnt place it in a plastic bag and leave it somewhere.


So, now I am busily looking up some articles on finding a missing hamster. Good news is that they can fend for themselves for several days. Bad news is that they are very hard to find once they are gone. ESPECIALLY when a certain person insists that she doesn have any idea what she was doing with it right before it disappeared.


Could I be MORE of a downer today?

I think I NEED to get a run in this evening!!!!!!!!!!

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Yasmin said...

I hope you find the hamster before the weekend. Maybe get a bell for it this time! (do they even make hamster size bells?)