Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Not feelin the love...

I enjoyed my day of rest yesterday immensely. So as not to waste the day, though, I decided to go ahead and do my hip and leg exercises. I then threw in a few bicep curls, triceps and some crunches.

Well, at 4 am, I woke up in terrible pain. I could NOT get comfortable b/c I had an awful pain in my neck and down my back into my shoulder blade.

This is not good.

PLUS, my tiny beast decided that she needed to sleep with me and was taking over part of my space in the bed which made me even less happy. I got up, walked around, tried to work it out on the foam roll, took some Advil and finally resorted to getting the ice pack and laying on it.

Whatever combo worked, I was able to salvage about 20 additional minutes of sleep before heading off for the day.

Lack of sleep and a busy day do NOT make a good combo for a great run.

But, I am committed, right?

Or maybe I *should* be committed! :)

I didnt get out until about 7 pm armed with my water, HRM, iPod and pepper spray.

Ah, the pepper spray. One more piece of equipment to carry. Where to put it? I dont want to wear it on my hand b/c it gets all sweaty and makes me look a wee bit paranoid. So, I put it in my pocket. This, however, makes me look like a guy. I shall say no more.

I start off slow, as usual and never really feel like I find my pace. I do too much run/walk combos and feel like I am blowing the whole run.

And then I see them.


Two perky teens wearing itty bitty running shorts and tank tops. No curves to speak of...no body fat. And they are running along, chattering at each other. And here I come, lumbering down the street with all my GEAR, in capri running pants that are creating some serious chub rub. OK - maybe not real chub rub but it gave that appearance b/c they got all bunchy in the thigh area.

I decide to keep running straight at them as they rounded the corner in my direction. We begin to play chicken but HEY! I am older and I am NOT going to run onto the grass so the prom queens can stay on the side of the road.

I am not.

Ok, maybe I will move over a teensy bit but I will not go on the grass!

I wont! (here they come...they arent moving!)

Last minute silent compromise and we both veer little to the side and pass.

I am sure that these girls are real runners and have probably run 39 marathons this year and think that I am just an amateur (shhhh...I AM but they shouldnt be thinking it!)

A couple, two, tree (as they say in Scranton) miles later, I cross these "runners" again. They are not sweaty. They are not even wearing sports bras. They are completely BOGUS and out trolling around the neighborhood! What did we used to say, back in the day?


I start feeling all athletic again and sprint past them. I am sure that they are impressed with run-ability. Actually, I am sure they didnt give me a second thought but it worked for a moment...

So, I managed to complete my 50 minute run and do 4.5 miles. Not bad considering I dragged myself around for quite a bit of it. Hopefully, a hot shower and some ice will help take the edge off my neck and back and I will catch some sleep tonight.

I hope anyway as I am scheduled to run again tomorrow....

I will leave you with a furry image of someone who probably has some SERIOUS chub rub issues:


Ames said...


1. The pic is adorable.

2. Your post made me crack up. It reminded me of Fried Green Tomatos..."Yeah, I'm older but I've got better insurance!!"

Good job girl. Those skinny, young, beyotches can't hold a flame to you:)

Viv said...

LMAO, I do the same thing!

I refuse to move when they are two abreast.

Tammy said...

Cute pic! :-P

I'm the same way. I live in a tiny tiny village where everybody knows who I am (the only runner in town). I REFUSE to walk if anybody is in their yard, or if there is a car on the road.

Oh, and you got a better workout than they did, so there!

Delane said...

LOL..yeah, I feel your pain. Nuttin' like gettin' smoked by a skinny peeps or 90 year old men on their last legs...yelling, you can do it missy....not that I know anything about that :-|

Al's CL Reviews said...

At least a 1-legged runner didn't pass you. That happened to me last year.

Carly said...

LMAO! I love playing chicken...it is usually with some asshat that is on a bike though.
Nice job on the run!