Monday, May 19, 2008

I am hating my neigborhood

There are only so many times that you can run around in circles before you begin to detest the very pavement you are running on.

There are only so many times that you can see the realtor sign with the name of Jim Bent under it and think "his motto should be GET BENT" and still laugh at your inane joke. You can only comment to yourself so many times on the hideous color of that person's shutters that happen to match the hideous color of their car (who does that?) or note the number of people that still have their Christmas lights up (four) before you start to wish for some real excitement.

I couldnt even count creatures today.

So, in an effort to liven things up a bit, I decide to take my best boydog out with me for at least the first mile of my anticipated 4 mile run this evening. Rascal loves to go on the leash and he has been neglected in the walk department as of late. (Click over there ------> for more info on the goofy boydog or his best girlfriend)

We sneak him into the house and leave Jessie out back (poor girl - anything more than 100 feet of a walk and she is in pain in her hips so she cant go this time). I open the front door where Jeff and the girls were to ask him to slip Rascal's collar on and WOOOSH out the door goes the big goober (Rascal, not Jeff) after Felix, our equal opportunity cat that I have mentioned before, who was visiting.

Rascal chases him to the sidewalk, remembers that there is a leash in his future and comes back. I swear he was laughing.

I get geared up, grab a pewpiebag and shove it in my pocket just in case and we head out. Rascal is totally fine with this walking pace. He isnt pulling or anything but actually heeling quite nicely.

So, I break into a "trot" and the boy is right there with me.

Then we see a dog. And I have to stop b/c the dingdong needs to bark.

We start running again. Then we see kids. So we cross over to the other side of the street. But this confuses the idjit b/c he obviously likes being on the INSIDE of the street, nearest the sidewalk and not on the outside so he starts weaving all over in front of me and I have to stop again.

Rascal is REALLY hurting my athletic persona I have been striving for.

OK so we pass the kids. I suddenly get this weird feeling that we are being watched. I look over to the sidewalk and there are 2 cats. Stalking us. I slow down a bit and watch them as they watch Rascal. The boydog is a little dumb and he doesnt see them. The larger of the 2 cats stands up and approaches us with his back all arched, fur standing on end and hissing.

I find this hysterical. Rascal just STOPS and stares. I swear he looks at me like "What?"

We continue on. We get back home after a little more creative leashing techniques as Rascal does not understand the concept of walking in a straight line. I found that giving him the entire length of leash was most effective and only caused one collision.

I am so glad that he didnt pewp b/c apparently, I lost my pewpbag somewhere along the way. So, I didnt leave any doggie droppings but I did litter which I felt bad about. But only bad enough that I promised that I would look for the bag if I went that route again.

I drop him off and go back out on my own. When I get up to 2 miles, I start to feel sluggish, probably b/c I havent eaten dinner yet. So, I reach in my pocket for my first experiment in energy.

Jellybeans. 10 of them. I have no idea if this will work but I read that some runners use them instead of energy gels. I chew them up and keep on.

I am not lying - after about a half mile or so, I get this BURST of energy and start booking down the street at about an 8 minute mile pace! It was awesome. It didnt last very long b/c my legs were tired but the jellybeans actually proved very effective. And it wasnt in my head b/c I honestly forgot about them until AFTER my little burst.

I passed two real runners. I played chicken with one and won; the other, I gave the right of way and he gave me the little wave of acknowledgement which I appreciated. Then he literally lapped me from the other direction. I have no idea how he did it but he ran past me and all the way around the loop which is about a mile and passed me AGAIN before I had come up the one side. I must have sensed his greatness which is why I gave way. :)

So, I did 45 minutes and 1 second. I was scheduled for 45 minutes. Mileage was 4.2 miles.

I reviewed all the info for the Zooma race and it looks like it is going to be AWESOME!!! Plus, there is bling at the finish line. What is better than that???????????

I am psyched.

Now I am off to ice my shins and watch a movie and fall asleep.

Tomorrow is a day of rest which means I am too busy in life to run. Good thing I did it today instead!


Yasmin said...

Dogs are wonderful walking companions, but mine can't run worth carp. Granted mine are only 9lbs and Shih Tzus, but still.

WTG on that extra second!

Amy said...

Poor little GirlDog. We have to do the same thing to our old girl...trick her so she doesn't know the other one is going for a longer walk. Poor thing.

So these are just regular jelly beans? Or those sports/energy jelly beans? I gotta try that.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Oh Porter can't run either, and Guinness can't stand how slow I go, but eh.

Are you excited about Zooma?

Viv said...

I can't do my hood. It is just to small. It's a mental barrier.

Awesome run! I think the jelly beans are gonna be your juice.

Julia said...

I'll be giving you my chip so I can get bling. Just sayin'!

Tammy said...

Yeah, the same route gets boring after a while. I have a few routes I can run in the country.

My dog is a great runner, but I usually don't want to deal with him on "my" runs... I don't trust him off the leash.

Carly said...

LOL. My dog (a Lab mind you) sxaz at running. She will literally lay down on the street when she is "done". Nice job on the run!