Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day and a little training

Well, yesterday turned out to be a great day.

T-ball was canceled so I was able to sleep in a little. I hated for Sammy to miss playing but it was a good day for a cancellation (for me anyway!). I just hope that they get to play next week so that Marms and Pops get to see Sammy in action.

We all had a late breakfast and then it was time to go off to the horse farm for the girls to earn their very first Junior badge. It was great that the rain held off as it was a "rain or shine" event and rain would have made it totally miserable as we were outside for most of it. All the girls got to brush, saddle up and ride a horse which was exciting. Sarah was nervous but she did it and I was proud of her!

riding "Sam"

We actually left the farm right on time as planned (4:00) and got home by 4:30. I jumped right in the shower and got dressed. Jeff told me to be ready by 5:30 but around 5:10 he was bugging me to come downstairs b/c "we had to go".

I was so confused. :)

But, as I walked outside, I realized the rush was because there was a big white limo waiting for us! Shelly, Jennie, Leigh, Jackie, and Kris were joining me for the Mothers Day adventure!

Jeff supplied me with the video camera that had our "directions" on it and an envelope with a Mothers Day card and money and a pretty necklace to wear.

Long story short, we would up in Oxford at Latitude 38 for dinner which was fantastic! I had the filet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes and broccolini. A glass of white zinfandel, fresh bread and a caesar salad topped off the entree. For dessert (you KNOW we had dessert!), vanilla bean ice cream with Godiva liquor made the meal complete.

Now you know that the big old limo was creating quite a stir with the locals and apparently everyone was sure that Dick Cheney was dining in Oxford (as he visits frequently) but alas, no, it was just us!

Our next stop was to the local playhouse for the production of "Sylvia" which was a funny show about an older couple who adopt a stray dog and the ensuing chaos that became their lives. It was a cute show and had some real laugh out loud moments.

The limo had dropped us off and returned to the neighborhood as a special surprise for some of the kids that worked so hard to keep secrets from the moms. They rode, with the dads, to the Olde Town Creamery for ice cream. They had a BLAST pretending they were movie stars for the night!

Jeff and Rob picked us up to escort us all home from our adventure. It was a long fun day...Jeff really outdoes himself every year and I am so grateful to have someone who thinks so much of me to go through so much trouble to spoil me...


This morning, I got breakfast in bed, complete with a menu by Sarah, made from the choices she made while shopping with Jeff. I got a dragonfly purse (thanks, Momma!), two tissue box covers (thanks, Miss Sandy!) , an herb garden to plant and a pre-ordered Wii Fit (thanks, Jeff!) plus some homemade cards (thanks, girls!).

All in all it has been a fantastic weekend - I am so spoiled.

After consuming mass quantities of food, I headed out for my 50 minute run. Again, it was SOOOOO windy and I walked a lot of it but I went 4.74 miles which wasnt bad at all considering that I would have preferred to be laying on the couch digesting.

I figured that the 600 calories I burned was equivalent to the half of the chocolate muffin I ate at breakfast and maybe one spoonful of ice cream last night. :)

So, Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there. Have a great one!


Ames said...

OMG, spoiled is right!! Lucky you! So glad you had a nice weekend:)

Viv said...

What a wonderful weekend!! super spoiled but I am sure you deserved it :-)
Way to cap it off with a run!

Tammy said...

Wow! What a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! You are spoiled!!

Good job going for a run in that nasty wind.