Thursday, May 1, 2008

Frogs, snakes and dogs, OH MY.

There is a little "pond" in my neighborhood. I use this term loosely b/c I would not actually consider it an actual pond. It surrounds a little house thingie that must have electrical stuff inside it or something b/c there is a chainlink fence around the whole area. It isnt necessarily pretty but I wouldnt call it an eye sore or anything.

I also wouldnt call it a pond. I WOULD call it a mosquito producing frog magnet though.

I hate running down that way at night b/c I cant tell you how many times I have almost literally stepped on and squished a frog. They just SIT there, in the road. They dont startle, they dont move, they dont indicate in anyway that they would prefer that you didnt stomp on them.

And I cant stand squishing spiders. I can only imagine how it would feel to step on a frog. And I dont mean those little tiny, hyper ones either - these are thick, probably squishy ones that are larger than the diameter of a soda can...probably about 5 inches across at least.



I DO think that the frogs are better than the snake that I saw last year. It was all coiled up and I was sure that it was an anaconda or a boa constrictor. Someone said that we dont have those in Maryland but I am not convinced. I think I burned a few thousand extra calories from the jump in heart rate and my fast retreat when I saw it sitting on the sidewalk.

I worry sometimes about dogs chasing me. See, I figure that I am pretty much already running as fast as I can. What if an unleashed pit bull starting chasing me?? I am not so sure that I could get away. Maybe if it was a three legged pit bull but even still, I am not so sure.

So, I have decided to arm myself. I figure that a taser gun would be difficult to carry :) so I opted for a pepper sprayer. Being the athlete that I am, I opted for the "Jogger's Pepper Spray". I wish it said "Runner's Pepper Spray" because that implies more dedication to the sport but hey, I cant have everything. Supposedly, it attaches to your hand with a velcro strap. This will allow me (and Jeff) to feel safer while running when it is getting dark/dark. I havent gotten it yet but it should be here soon. Hopefully I can avoid any canine encounters until then.

I am scheduled for 45-60 minutes of cross training today so I am off to the YMCA to make my quarterly appearance to justify why they take $59 out of my checking account every month. Hopefully, I will make my quarterly appearance a weekly appearance. We'll see how that goes...I can't have too many aspirations at one time.

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Amy said...

Ew, ew, and ew with the frogs. This made me LOL, especially the 3 legged pit bull.

I want to move to your parts, because my Y charges me $72/mth.