Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Scratch that.

Tears, sweat and blood is more like it.

First, Nana went in the hospital on Thursday. Fast forward to Saturday and we get a call that she isnt doing well so we bolt up to NJ to see her. Lots of tears.

Sunday was a little better as she was resting and peaceful with the ventilator and improving a bit. So, I decided to hit the lake trail for my 35 minute run. It was very nice and with the lake being .75 miles each lap, I was able to eek out 4 laps and a little extra to make my time. Lots of sweat.

After arriving back to mom and dad's house to shower and head to the hospital, I noticed that those little badges of honor I talked about yesterday were, in fact, bleeding. Thats the blood part.

On Monday morning, I ran over to the Haddonfield Running Company and bought a gear belt, a hat (yes - for my humungous head), some Body Glide (praise Jesus...see below) and some energy gels and such.

We ran into Jeff's aunt and uncle and hung out with them which was fun and the girls got ice cream BEFORE lunch so they were pleased. Sarah and I ordered BLTs. I had a whole BLT and she had a BL. Then she ate the L seperate and only had a B. She was quite amused with herself. I wonder where she gets that!!!

*whistling and shuffling feet on the ground, eyes up to the sky*

We came home on Monday b/c things were looking up at the hospital only to find out today that things went downhill and Nana was back on the ventilator and looking at dialysis.

So, this is where we stand. We dont know. Each day will bring more news, good or bad. We can only hope that things get better.

Say a tiny prayer, k?

I went for a 4.2 mile run tonight but my heart was not in it and it stunk but I did it so I guess that is what counts. Right?

One more day of running then I will do a short Xtrain on Thursday and then rest up for the big race on Sunday. But that will have to played by ear...we will see what the rest of the week brings.

Oh! We got the Wii Fit today. I did the initial testing and it said I was "Overweight" and gave me a pleasantly plump Mii. But my WiiFit age was 35 which is good!

Sarah, of course was "Normal" (I told her that was a relative term) and her age was 23 which tickled her to pieces.

I shall report more on that as we play around with it.


Viv said...

Keeping your Nana and your family in my prayers.

Way to keep up the running during tough times.

Anonymous said...

I'll say a little prayer for Nana Kell.


MePlusMyThree said...

I will keep your Nana in my prayers.


Julia said...

Kel, I'm thinking of your Nana, and praying hard. I hope all is well.

I loved Sarah's dissection of the BLT. I can picture it.