Thursday, May 29, 2008

Because I dont have enough going on, I thought I would sign up for this:

OK, so it isnt the REAL Nike Women's Marathon but the Nike+ VIRTUAL half marathon on October 19th. How cool is that?? You put on your Nike+ gear, run 13.1 within a 24 hour time frame (I am not clear on how you can start and stop but I guess it is possible to pause your workout indefinitely??) and then you upload by midnight and you get a finishers T shirt and a Tiffany's key chain in the mail!! And you dont even have to go to San Fransisco!

Yes, I KNOW that it is the weekend after the Baltimore half.

Yes, I KNOW it is insane.

But, I am all about the bling.


I did 3.5 on the trail today. I intended to do 5 but, to be honest, I was just tired. I didnt want to push it too much when my body was clearly saying ENOUGH.

I am now officially in rest mode, gearing up for Zooma this weekend. I need to work on my shins (read that as JEFF needs to rub my shins....:) and relax a little. I am psyched to get to Annapolis - we have been planning this for SO long - almost 6 months! I thought it would never get here.

Things are status quo with Nana - she is off the ventilator and her labs are looking decent, according to my Momma-Llama. So, we continue to see what each new day brings.

I am off to bed. I am really tired.

Oh - and I apparently got poison ivy. On my back. Under my bra. Confused? Yeah - me too... I have no idea how that happened. But, of course, it happened to ME.

OK, I am *really* going now.


Amy said...

A virtual half huh?!? That sounds really cool. Poison Ivy under your sports bra? Whatchu doing out there, rolling around in the grass? *sigh* That's a bummer.

Jen said...

We're doing it TOGETHER, girl!! Should be fun.

Julia said...

*cleaning poison ivy goo off Donut Voodoo doll whilst laughing maniacally*

Viv said...

It would have worked out suhaweet if the Baltimore and nike were the same day..

I guess I am always trying to work the system.

Al's CL Reviews said...

You sure that poison ivy isn't "jock itch?"

If you are wearing the same sports bra, multiple times in a row, it could be that.

That and poison ivy basically feel the same (I had the issue on my feet by wearing the same socks).

Good luck with Zooma!

Jen Den said...

I CAN NOT WAIT until tomorrow!

Yasmin said...

I'm still trying to decide if I want to do this or a triathlon the next day...

I love viv trying to work the system.

Pokey said...

I know another blogger that has a real half and the virtual half on the same day, and I say it counts!! Gotta take it where you can get it ;)

Anonymous said...

Multi-takers work best under pressure!

Goog Luck with Zooma!

I totally thought of you last night at Tae Kwan Do! I was talking with a new friend there and she was telling me how she lived in Jersey for a while with her first husband and she's NOW married to a PT!!I thought that was funny.

^I'm amused by the strangest things.

Anonymous said...

OOPs I forgot to put my name so you'd know who the heck I am!


MePlusMyThree said...

My kids just got over poison ivy - Zanfel is a miracle drug.

Amberlouie said...

That virtual half is a really cool idea. Sounds like fun!