Tuesday, May 6, 2008

An act of God

My DVD player actually worked. I gave it one more chance and VOILA! It came on so I was able to savor 40 (okay actually 38) minutes of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 before hosing off and heading to Brownies.

I still totally hate the treadmill though.

I logged about 3.3 miles so I was a bit slower inside than outside.

I was SOOOOO glad to have it done when I got home. This must be how you morning runners feel every day!

Maybe I should start getting up at 5 am.


Did I just say that????

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....I would rather stick needles in my eyes than even THINK about getting up at the crack of dawn.

So, I shall continue squeezing it into my regular day.

For now...

1 comment:

Yasmin said...

Have you tried running on the dreadmill with an incline of .5 or 1? (I stole this tip from another WW poster)

It helps me enjoy the runs more.

Not more than running outside, but more.