Thursday, May 29, 2008

Because I dont have enough going on, I thought I would sign up for this:

OK, so it isnt the REAL Nike Women's Marathon but the Nike+ VIRTUAL half marathon on October 19th. How cool is that?? You put on your Nike+ gear, run 13.1 within a 24 hour time frame (I am not clear on how you can start and stop but I guess it is possible to pause your workout indefinitely??) and then you upload by midnight and you get a finishers T shirt and a Tiffany's key chain in the mail!! And you dont even have to go to San Fransisco!

Yes, I KNOW that it is the weekend after the Baltimore half.

Yes, I KNOW it is insane.

But, I am all about the bling.


I did 3.5 on the trail today. I intended to do 5 but, to be honest, I was just tired. I didnt want to push it too much when my body was clearly saying ENOUGH.

I am now officially in rest mode, gearing up for Zooma this weekend. I need to work on my shins (read that as JEFF needs to rub my shins....:) and relax a little. I am psyched to get to Annapolis - we have been planning this for SO long - almost 6 months! I thought it would never get here.

Things are status quo with Nana - she is off the ventilator and her labs are looking decent, according to my Momma-Llama. So, we continue to see what each new day brings.

I am off to bed. I am really tired.

Oh - and I apparently got poison ivy. On my back. Under my bra. Confused? Yeah - me too... I have no idea how that happened. But, of course, it happened to ME.

OK, I am *really* going now.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Scratch that.

Tears, sweat and blood is more like it.

First, Nana went in the hospital on Thursday. Fast forward to Saturday and we get a call that she isnt doing well so we bolt up to NJ to see her. Lots of tears.

Sunday was a little better as she was resting and peaceful with the ventilator and improving a bit. So, I decided to hit the lake trail for my 35 minute run. It was very nice and with the lake being .75 miles each lap, I was able to eek out 4 laps and a little extra to make my time. Lots of sweat.

After arriving back to mom and dad's house to shower and head to the hospital, I noticed that those little badges of honor I talked about yesterday were, in fact, bleeding. Thats the blood part.

On Monday morning, I ran over to the Haddonfield Running Company and bought a gear belt, a hat (yes - for my humungous head), some Body Glide (praise Jesus...see below) and some energy gels and such.

We ran into Jeff's aunt and uncle and hung out with them which was fun and the girls got ice cream BEFORE lunch so they were pleased. Sarah and I ordered BLTs. I had a whole BLT and she had a BL. Then she ate the L seperate and only had a B. She was quite amused with herself. I wonder where she gets that!!!

*whistling and shuffling feet on the ground, eyes up to the sky*

We came home on Monday b/c things were looking up at the hospital only to find out today that things went downhill and Nana was back on the ventilator and looking at dialysis.

So, this is where we stand. We dont know. Each day will bring more news, good or bad. We can only hope that things get better.

Say a tiny prayer, k?

I went for a 4.2 mile run tonight but my heart was not in it and it stunk but I did it so I guess that is what counts. Right?

One more day of running then I will do a short Xtrain on Thursday and then rest up for the big race on Sunday. But that will have to played by ear...we will see what the rest of the week brings.

Oh! We got the Wii Fit today. I did the initial testing and it said I was "Overweight" and gave me a pleasantly plump Mii. But my WiiFit age was 35 which is good!

Sarah, of course was "Normal" (I told her that was a relative term) and her age was 23 which tickled her to pieces.

I shall report more on that as we play around with it.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Rails to Trails

Well, I did in fact survive. And not only did I survive but I managed to run 8 point oh something in my 90 minutes.

I decided that I would not be able to convince myself to run in the neighborhood for 90 minutes so I armed myself with cell phone, pepper spray, iPod, HRM, small Gatorade G2 bottle and jellybeans and headed over to the beginning of the bike/walk/jog path in our town.

I had never been there before but I heard that it was nice, took you through town and was about 5 miles out and back. I had a feeling that I would be able to do more than 5 miles in my required time so I figured if I just kept going until I hit 45 minutes, I would have no choice other than to turn around and come BACK 45.

Unless I called a cab. Remember - I had my cell phone. I am dedicated but not stupid. :)

Here are 2 shots I took at different spots along the trail:

As you can see, it was a lovely place to run and I only saw one weirdo along the way (yes, I thought about taking his picture but decided against it - he wished me a happy weekend and kept on his way). Otherwise, it was ladies walking, moms with strollers or no one at all. The only bad part was that it stopped at cross streets and cars didnt always STOP for me, the pedestrian, the RUNNER, so it might have messed up my time a smidgey bit but EH who's counting?!?!

My time back was better than my time out and I was dismayed to arrive back at the car with 8 minutes to spare. But, luckily, I was at the ball field and was able to run the driveway all the way around the field to a little cut out in the woods back on the path for the last 1/4 mile.

When I arrived back at the car AGAIN, I still had 1 minute 20 seconds left and .13 miles to get to 8 so I ran around in a minicircle. If anyone was watching me I am sure they thought I was loony.

Anyway, I made it right past 8 and completed my long run for the week with success.

AND!!!!!! Big news - I got some chafing. Right on the top of me bewbs. I am sure that this qualifies as an official runner especially when coupled with my blistered foot... I didnt notice until I got into the shower and the hot water hit it and I almost went through the ceiling.

My tiny one inch badges of honor.


I think I need some Vaseline or Body Glide. Who knew?? I wonder what else will chafe when my mileage gets even longer.


So, all in all, I think that I will return to the Rails to Trails path for long runs. It was a pleasant break in the monotony of running. I hate only wearing one headphone but I needed to keep an ear out for freaks, right?

Oh and I tested my pepper spray. On the grass. It works! So I am totally armed.

I also got to talk to my dear gimpy friend, Julia on my way home. I am glad that she is doing well and I am looking forward to seeing my running peeps next weekend for ZOOMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Will and Testament

I am supposed to run for 90 minutes today.

I might not make it.

If I dont, it was great knowing all of you.



Monday, May 19, 2008

I am hating my neigborhood

There are only so many times that you can run around in circles before you begin to detest the very pavement you are running on.

There are only so many times that you can see the realtor sign with the name of Jim Bent under it and think "his motto should be GET BENT" and still laugh at your inane joke. You can only comment to yourself so many times on the hideous color of that person's shutters that happen to match the hideous color of their car (who does that?) or note the number of people that still have their Christmas lights up (four) before you start to wish for some real excitement.

I couldnt even count creatures today.

So, in an effort to liven things up a bit, I decide to take my best boydog out with me for at least the first mile of my anticipated 4 mile run this evening. Rascal loves to go on the leash and he has been neglected in the walk department as of late. (Click over there ------> for more info on the goofy boydog or his best girlfriend)

We sneak him into the house and leave Jessie out back (poor girl - anything more than 100 feet of a walk and she is in pain in her hips so she cant go this time). I open the front door where Jeff and the girls were to ask him to slip Rascal's collar on and WOOOSH out the door goes the big goober (Rascal, not Jeff) after Felix, our equal opportunity cat that I have mentioned before, who was visiting.

Rascal chases him to the sidewalk, remembers that there is a leash in his future and comes back. I swear he was laughing.

I get geared up, grab a pewpiebag and shove it in my pocket just in case and we head out. Rascal is totally fine with this walking pace. He isnt pulling or anything but actually heeling quite nicely.

So, I break into a "trot" and the boy is right there with me.

Then we see a dog. And I have to stop b/c the dingdong needs to bark.

We start running again. Then we see kids. So we cross over to the other side of the street. But this confuses the idjit b/c he obviously likes being on the INSIDE of the street, nearest the sidewalk and not on the outside so he starts weaving all over in front of me and I have to stop again.

Rascal is REALLY hurting my athletic persona I have been striving for.

OK so we pass the kids. I suddenly get this weird feeling that we are being watched. I look over to the sidewalk and there are 2 cats. Stalking us. I slow down a bit and watch them as they watch Rascal. The boydog is a little dumb and he doesnt see them. The larger of the 2 cats stands up and approaches us with his back all arched, fur standing on end and hissing.

I find this hysterical. Rascal just STOPS and stares. I swear he looks at me like "What?"

We continue on. We get back home after a little more creative leashing techniques as Rascal does not understand the concept of walking in a straight line. I found that giving him the entire length of leash was most effective and only caused one collision.

I am so glad that he didnt pewp b/c apparently, I lost my pewpbag somewhere along the way. So, I didnt leave any doggie droppings but I did litter which I felt bad about. But only bad enough that I promised that I would look for the bag if I went that route again.

I drop him off and go back out on my own. When I get up to 2 miles, I start to feel sluggish, probably b/c I havent eaten dinner yet. So, I reach in my pocket for my first experiment in energy.

Jellybeans. 10 of them. I have no idea if this will work but I read that some runners use them instead of energy gels. I chew them up and keep on.

I am not lying - after about a half mile or so, I get this BURST of energy and start booking down the street at about an 8 minute mile pace! It was awesome. It didnt last very long b/c my legs were tired but the jellybeans actually proved very effective. And it wasnt in my head b/c I honestly forgot about them until AFTER my little burst.

I passed two real runners. I played chicken with one and won; the other, I gave the right of way and he gave me the little wave of acknowledgement which I appreciated. Then he literally lapped me from the other direction. I have no idea how he did it but he ran past me and all the way around the loop which is about a mile and passed me AGAIN before I had come up the one side. I must have sensed his greatness which is why I gave way. :)

So, I did 45 minutes and 1 second. I was scheduled for 45 minutes. Mileage was 4.2 miles.

I reviewed all the info for the Zooma race and it looks like it is going to be AWESOME!!! Plus, there is bling at the finish line. What is better than that???????????

I am psyched.

Now I am off to ice my shins and watch a movie and fall asleep.

Tomorrow is a day of rest which means I am too busy in life to run. Good thing I did it today instead!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wild Kingdom

I did 3.7 miles tonight - took me 43 minutes to do it but it is done.

I think that I need to rework my schedule b/c I am doing too many running days in a row and then too many rest days close together. I will think on it.

On my first mile, I saw 27 birds, 8 rabbits, 2 cats outside and 1 dog inside looking out. I think I live in Wild Kingdom. I lost count after that.

Now I am tired.


Friday, May 16, 2008


So, in an effort to stay ahead of the game since it is highly unlikely that I will get a run in on Saturday, I decided to do my 60 minute run today while the girls were in school. I got geared up, hydrated, ate a Pria bar and hit the street. It had been overcast and rainy but the gods of running smiled on me and put the sun out from behind the clouds for a few hours so as not to deter my efforts.

I have decided that running can be hideously boring when done alone, which is the way I usually do it.

You can only listen to the same songs over and over and over and over again day after day after day after get the picture.

Anyway, I thought that I would share with you some of my random thoughts while I ran today, complete with musical interludes. So hop on board my train of thought and I hope you enjoy the ride!

♫No one, no one, no one...♫

I like this song. It has a nice pace for starting out a run. OMG has it really only been one minute? I have to do this 59 more times.

♫The power and the money...the money and the power...minute after minute, hour after hour♫

WOW this is a really embarrassing song to have on my iPod. I hope that no one can hear it. Coolio is really wrong. Wait - I think he was in my dream last night. My songs are now invading my dreams... *shudder* How does he make his hair do that?

OK, now I am up to 5 minutes. I need to walk. Look at that lawn - it is really long. I wonder if anyone lives there. Kind of weird in this neighborhood for a house to be abandoned...Someone's coming! I better run to look tres athletic.

OK - they're gone - I can walk again.

I wonder if I could walk the entire 10K. Walking is easier. And gentler on my shins. My shins hurt.

♫sign a couple autographs so I can eat my meals for free...I'll have the quesadillas...uh huh♫

I like quesadillas.

La la la la la la...this is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO boring.

OK - run again. Let's try to get a few miles into this hour.

Look at those trash bags - they are huge. I wonder if I could hurdle them...I wonder why I would want to...they look like body bags. Maybe there are dead things in them.. They are next to the storm drain. Storm drains make me think of Stephen King's It.

Maybe I should cross the street.

♫ With a great track pumpin', everybody's jumpin'...Goin ahead and twist your back and get your body bumpin'♫

I like this song.

Dear Gawd! It has only been 18 minutes.

Look at the kitty.

Keep running.

No petting kitties.

Why arent bunnies friendly?? They are cute but not friendly at all. I wish I could pet one. Then I could stop running for a minute.

♫ Can't we give ourselves one more chance...Why can't we give love that one more chance...
Why can't we give love♫

Under pressure. Yup - that'll be me. Normally this song is bringing me into the finish at a 5K. Ick. It isnt even 3 miles.



And on and on it went like that.

Just me and my thoughts.

I did 60 minutes and 52 seconds.

SUCH an over achiever, I tell ya.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Not feelin the love...

I enjoyed my day of rest yesterday immensely. So as not to waste the day, though, I decided to go ahead and do my hip and leg exercises. I then threw in a few bicep curls, triceps and some crunches.

Well, at 4 am, I woke up in terrible pain. I could NOT get comfortable b/c I had an awful pain in my neck and down my back into my shoulder blade.

This is not good.

PLUS, my tiny beast decided that she needed to sleep with me and was taking over part of my space in the bed which made me even less happy. I got up, walked around, tried to work it out on the foam roll, took some Advil and finally resorted to getting the ice pack and laying on it.

Whatever combo worked, I was able to salvage about 20 additional minutes of sleep before heading off for the day.

Lack of sleep and a busy day do NOT make a good combo for a great run.

But, I am committed, right?

Or maybe I *should* be committed! :)

I didnt get out until about 7 pm armed with my water, HRM, iPod and pepper spray.

Ah, the pepper spray. One more piece of equipment to carry. Where to put it? I dont want to wear it on my hand b/c it gets all sweaty and makes me look a wee bit paranoid. So, I put it in my pocket. This, however, makes me look like a guy. I shall say no more.

I start off slow, as usual and never really feel like I find my pace. I do too much run/walk combos and feel like I am blowing the whole run.

And then I see them.


Two perky teens wearing itty bitty running shorts and tank tops. No curves to speak body fat. And they are running along, chattering at each other. And here I come, lumbering down the street with all my GEAR, in capri running pants that are creating some serious chub rub. OK - maybe not real chub rub but it gave that appearance b/c they got all bunchy in the thigh area.

I decide to keep running straight at them as they rounded the corner in my direction. We begin to play chicken but HEY! I am older and I am NOT going to run onto the grass so the prom queens can stay on the side of the road.

I am not.

Ok, maybe I will move over a teensy bit but I will not go on the grass!

I wont! (here they come...they arent moving!)

Last minute silent compromise and we both veer little to the side and pass.

I am sure that these girls are real runners and have probably run 39 marathons this year and think that I am just an amateur (shhhh...I AM but they shouldnt be thinking it!)

A couple, two, tree (as they say in Scranton) miles later, I cross these "runners" again. They are not sweaty. They are not even wearing sports bras. They are completely BOGUS and out trolling around the neighborhood! What did we used to say, back in the day?


I start feeling all athletic again and sprint past them. I am sure that they are impressed with run-ability. Actually, I am sure they didnt give me a second thought but it worked for a moment...

So, I managed to complete my 50 minute run and do 4.5 miles. Not bad considering I dragged myself around for quite a bit of it. Hopefully, a hot shower and some ice will help take the edge off my neck and back and I will catch some sleep tonight.

I hope anyway as I am scheduled to run again tomorrow....

I will leave you with a furry image of someone who probably has some SERIOUS chub rub issues:

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day and a little training

Well, yesterday turned out to be a great day.

T-ball was canceled so I was able to sleep in a little. I hated for Sammy to miss playing but it was a good day for a cancellation (for me anyway!). I just hope that they get to play next week so that Marms and Pops get to see Sammy in action.

We all had a late breakfast and then it was time to go off to the horse farm for the girls to earn their very first Junior badge. It was great that the rain held off as it was a "rain or shine" event and rain would have made it totally miserable as we were outside for most of it. All the girls got to brush, saddle up and ride a horse which was exciting. Sarah was nervous but she did it and I was proud of her!

riding "Sam"

We actually left the farm right on time as planned (4:00) and got home by 4:30. I jumped right in the shower and got dressed. Jeff told me to be ready by 5:30 but around 5:10 he was bugging me to come downstairs b/c "we had to go".

I was so confused. :)

But, as I walked outside, I realized the rush was because there was a big white limo waiting for us! Shelly, Jennie, Leigh, Jackie, and Kris were joining me for the Mothers Day adventure!

Jeff supplied me with the video camera that had our "directions" on it and an envelope with a Mothers Day card and money and a pretty necklace to wear.

Long story short, we would up in Oxford at Latitude 38 for dinner which was fantastic! I had the filet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes and broccolini. A glass of white zinfandel, fresh bread and a caesar salad topped off the entree. For dessert (you KNOW we had dessert!), vanilla bean ice cream with Godiva liquor made the meal complete.

Now you know that the big old limo was creating quite a stir with the locals and apparently everyone was sure that Dick Cheney was dining in Oxford (as he visits frequently) but alas, no, it was just us!

Our next stop was to the local playhouse for the production of "Sylvia" which was a funny show about an older couple who adopt a stray dog and the ensuing chaos that became their lives. It was a cute show and had some real laugh out loud moments.

The limo had dropped us off and returned to the neighborhood as a special surprise for some of the kids that worked so hard to keep secrets from the moms. They rode, with the dads, to the Olde Town Creamery for ice cream. They had a BLAST pretending they were movie stars for the night!

Jeff and Rob picked us up to escort us all home from our adventure. It was a long fun day...Jeff really outdoes himself every year and I am so grateful to have someone who thinks so much of me to go through so much trouble to spoil me...


This morning, I got breakfast in bed, complete with a menu by Sarah, made from the choices she made while shopping with Jeff. I got a dragonfly purse (thanks, Momma!), two tissue box covers (thanks, Miss Sandy!) , an herb garden to plant and a pre-ordered Wii Fit (thanks, Jeff!) plus some homemade cards (thanks, girls!).

All in all it has been a fantastic weekend - I am so spoiled.

After consuming mass quantities of food, I headed out for my 50 minute run. Again, it was SOOOOO windy and I walked a lot of it but I went 4.74 miles which wasnt bad at all considering that I would have preferred to be laying on the couch digesting.

I figured that the 600 calories I burned was equivalent to the half of the chocolate muffin I ate at breakfast and maybe one spoonful of ice cream last night. :)

So, Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there. Have a great one!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Best run EVER

I just ran 6.45 miles. In under 1 hour 10 minutes.

Yes, I did.

And I celebrated in the exact same fashion as when I "won" the softball game for my team.

I busted out crying.

"Why" you ask??? I have NO idea. It felt like the thing to do.

I have decided that the first .5 miles is hard for me. It is like my body is rejecting the notion of running. My body would rather be snuggled on the couch reading a book or watching television. But, NOPE, I am making it do something that is obviously very unnatural and really should be against the law.

After the first .5 mile though, I kinda get into the music and settle in. I stop looking at my watch. I stop checking my mileage and just go.

The next time I looked, it was 1.8 miles down! I have to walk a little once I get to 2 miles. Then it was a combo of walking and running up til I checked again and I was past 4! I knew I could make it to 5 if I went around a certain loop so I went for it.

Once I hit 5, I realized that I had 6 minutes left on my hour long run and, well, if I could go 6 more MINUTES, I could surely make it to the 6.2 MILE distance that I will be running in about 3 weeks.

It took every once of willpower that I had, once I had completed the required 60 minutes for the day, to turn RIGHT instead of LEFT on my street because it was now drizzling and the wind had kicked up something fierce.

But I did it.

With the wind and the rain.

I did it.

And then I cried.


Oh and I should mention that I did my long run today b/c tomorrow, we have Tball at 8 and then I am going with the Brownies to a horse farm for a badge project from 1 til 4. THEN at 5:30, I am being whisked away for some Mothers Day surprise fun!!!! So, I didnt think that running tomorrow would be an option.

So much for my day of rest today.

Or tomorrow.


Thursday, May 8, 2008


We, once again, have 2 hamsters.

Thanks to Jeff's master detective skills.


Poor guy (hamster, not Jeff) is all exhausted now from his freedom run.

Still icky

Well, I seem to have some weird-o bug that apparently has been going around. I went home at 4 yesterday and did not become vertical again until this morning. I am a little better than yesterday but not by much.

I was going to treadmill it in between appointments but the dad of one of my kids starting yapping and took up my getting changed time. I wouldnt be able to give the impression that I was NOT running and WAS fresh as a daisy for my next appointment had I started after he left. And, this is my night to drive to ballet......sooooooo....

I am hoping to get in at least a decent walk/run a little later.

I have also decided that I could dedicate an entire blog to the escapades of Samantha. Some of you know that cute little blonde haired thing... She is a little tiny beast. Most recently, she has lost her hamster. AGAIN. Apparently this happened last night but she didnt realize it til this morning.

And of course, it is not her fault.

And of course, she cannot remember where she had it last.

I just hope that she didnt place it in a plastic bag and leave it somewhere.


So, now I am busily looking up some articles on finding a missing hamster. Good news is that they can fend for themselves for several days. Bad news is that they are very hard to find once they are gone. ESPECIALLY when a certain person insists that she doesn have any idea what she was doing with it right before it disappeared.


Could I be MORE of a downer today?

I think I NEED to get a run in this evening!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I am not feeling well today. I shall provide no details.

I brought my stuff to the office and the outfit just MIGHT be outdoorworthy but I am not sure that I should stray too far. Could get ugly.

So, we shall see how today goes. I dont want to get off schedule too much so I might have to do the dreadmill yet again.


But on a happier note:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

An act of God

My DVD player actually worked. I gave it one more chance and VOILA! It came on so I was able to savor 40 (okay actually 38) minutes of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 before hosing off and heading to Brownies.

I still totally hate the treadmill though.

I logged about 3.3 miles so I was a bit slower inside than outside.

I was SOOOOO glad to have it done when I got home. This must be how you morning runners feel every day!

Maybe I should start getting up at 5 am.


Did I just say that????

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....I would rather stick needles in my eyes than even THINK about getting up at the crack of dawn.

So, I shall continue squeezing it into my regular day.

For now...


So, I came up against my first difficulty in my training. I had no idea how I would be fitting it in today. With working all day and Brownies tonight, I didnt think I would get outside until 9 pm which, even in my world of being a night owl, is LATE to be starting a 40 minute while still spending a little time with the girls, showering, watching American Idol and Hell's Kitchen (hey - I have priorities!) and so on....

Since my very dear friend, Jennie said that she could being Sarah to Brownies, I knew what I had to do. I decided to bring my stuff to the office and run....

on the treadmill.....


But, it is a sacrifice I may need to make now and again.

So, here I am, in my running gear, NOT wanting to go stare at the wall for 40 minutes.

But I must do what I must do.

You may ask "Why not watch a movie??" Good question! But, my little DVD player appears to have stopped working.

You may ask "Why not run outside??" Another good question! But, the clothes I brought are not suitable for exposure to young children or anyone with eyes or a weak heart. They are strictly INDOOR clothes ONLY. Mismatched, get the picture!

Well, I am off to stare at the wall. At least I have music.

Monday, May 5, 2008

I am bringing this to my next meeting with my accountant:

The Grocery Store...a Saga

Why is it so expensive to eat well? I swear that it is a conspiracy that insurance companies have with grocery stores to keep us fat and make us sick.

I mean - what would medical professionals DO if we were all healthy???

I am an obsessive label reader. I know it, I own it. It is a conscious choice. But it makes grocery shopping SUCH an ordeal. Much moreso than it has to be.

I want to just grab the Doritos and Oreos and other bits of deliciousness but I know that I would be wracked with guilt about serving said deliciousness to the family. So, I read labels.

And wind up buying largely organic foods. DO YOU KNOW how much stuff has high fructose corn syrup and/or hydrogenated oils in it???? DO YOU KNOW??? Everything. So, as a result, I wind up spending $6.99 for a bottle of pure maple syrup instead of $1.29 for the regular stuff.

We all better live to the ripe old age of 130. Though I am not sure that I could afford to after spending my entire IRA on healthy food.


So, I am considering joining a farm co-op. Well, I am considering having Lynn and I sign up for a farm co-op (*waving to Lynn*). Because it is a bit pricey though I believe (from what I have read) that it is do-able for 2 families to split it and get plenty of produce during harvest.

At first I thought that I would have to become a farm worker and go out and pick tomatoes or something. I was worried about what kind of tan lines that would give me and if all that manual labor was good for my training schedule (let alone my manicure and my back)...and you know I would NEVER be able to find a fat* large enough for my humungous head...but all they want is my money.

*I left that typ-o in there b/c I thought that it was funny but I MEANT to say "hat" not "fat"

So, I will update when I find out more info on that.

In the meantime, I will continue eating my hormone-free chicken breast from last night and my all naturale salad dressing on my salad. Along with my organically grown apple. Oh, and my chemical laden imported grapes from Chile that I am sure will subtract 1.567 seconds from my life expectancy but you know me...I like to live on the edge. PLUS, they are Dee-Lish!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend training DONEEEEEE!!!!

So, I survived my first weekend of official training. All I can say is that it is a good thing that I have a training schedule b/c I NEVER would have gone out to run today.


But that was me in my former life, before I had a running schedule.

It still boggles my mind that I say "I have xxx minutes/miles scheduled today." I mean - WHO SAYS THAT????

I ran 5+ miles yesterday and went to the fair as discussed previously.

By the time I hauled myself and 3 kids out of the fair and to meet Jeff at the Mexican restaurant (where Samantha managed to fall head over heels out of her chair but that is a different story) to stuff my face full of cheesey deliciousness, I was MORE than ready for bed.

But those darn kids wanted to ride bikes. WHAT???? They wouldnt listen when I explained that it was WAY past their bedtimes. They have caught on to the whole "daylight" thing. I sat outside in my soccermom chair with Jeff and my equal opportunity black cat, Felix. He doesnt live with us - he lives across the street - BEST kind of cat to have. No litter boxes but all the sneeze inducing lovin I can handle while he kneads his claws into my leg while purring.

THEN all our favorite neighbors came out and we chatted til the sun went down.

THEN, of course, the girls ran next door, FORCING me to go visit with Miss Jackie for an hour.


How can I get to bed when these children force me to socialize???

So, at the late hour of 10 pm (when, in my 20s is when I used to be going OUT), after showers and books, I fell asleep faster than I can say I ever have. With Samantha tucked in my arm, snoozing right along with me.

It was beautiful.

I slept until about 9, got up, made breakfast, drank approximately 27, 987 ounces of coffee and got myself out the door to run.


Like I said - WHO DOES THIS??

I wasnt feeling the love and I definitely wasnt feeling the love whilst running head on into a serious hurricane force wind tunnel that my entire neighborhood is. How can I be running INTO the wind going north (I dont really know if I was going north - I am using it for illustrative purposes only, people) and then turn east and still be running INTO the wind and then turn essentially south and still being running INTO it.

That Mother Nature has a sick sense of humor. I bet SHE never ran even one mile!!!!

So, I got 3.72 miles in in 40 minutes. No over-achieving scheduled today.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Training and yard sales do NOT mix

So, I thought that it would be a good idea to go for my 50 minute scheduled run this morning when we got home from T-ball (to which Sammy wore her pants backwards but THAT is a whole different issue).

Do you KNOW how many people have yard sales on Saturday morning???? GEESCH. And the kicker of it is that I knew several people HAVING them so I was forced to stop and chat a few times. I also stopped to pet 2 dogs.

NO - I was NOT looking for an excuse to take a short break!!!! Stop thinking that I was slacking, people. Those dogs NEEDED to be pet!

Anyway. I think that the very best way to get your miles in is to cross a busy street, out of your own neighborhood and go into an unfamiliar (yet very respectable) neighborhood and start running. Pretty soon, you are completely lost and HAVE to keep running in order to find your way out. I actually felt like I was in the Twilight Zone or Blair Witch Project or something. There were SO many cul-de-sacs and few streets.

I didnt want to run on the main road for fear of being squished like one of those lazy pond frogs.

I eventually found my way out and before I knew it, I had gone 5 point something miles in less than an hour.

I brought along some G2 (low cal Gatorade for you non-athletic types *pppbbbffffttt*) and I am glad that I did.

I dropped the bottle one time at mile 4.68 and I considered kicking it into the sewer drain b/c it seemed like a better option than bending over but I did the responsible thing and picked it up.

I really should get an award for environmental achievement of something b/c that was no easy feat.

I was sweaty and gross when I got home but I felt pretty good considering!

Anyway...I must go shower and prepare for the school fair that I was really hoping would get rained out but it seems that it is going to be PERFECT weather.

*shaking fists at the gods of good weather today* should be fun. Except that Jeff has to work 2 games so I am going single parent-like.

Oh and one last thing - I have a blister on the top of my foot. I used one of those band aids that is water proof and all and it seems have to have irritated the skin around it b/c it is red and bumpy. Either that or it is MRSA and I will be dead by tomorrow.

On that note, have a great day.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Day of Rest

Today is Friday. A scheduled "day of rest".

My idea of a day of rest (DOR) is sipping foofy drinks on a beach somewhere.

Apparently, that is NOT what DOR means. It simply means that I am not required to torture myself with making my muscles do anything above and beyond the call of daily duty.

So, today's "DOR" will involve taking 2 dogs to the vet, one child with pink eye to the doctor, a visit to the office to submit insurance claims in a feeble attempt to actually get PAID to work, a WalMart run and a trip to the grocery store.

Yup. Sounds downright peaceful, no?

I have to go shower to prepare to "rest".

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Frogs, snakes and dogs, OH MY.

There is a little "pond" in my neighborhood. I use this term loosely b/c I would not actually consider it an actual pond. It surrounds a little house thingie that must have electrical stuff inside it or something b/c there is a chainlink fence around the whole area. It isnt necessarily pretty but I wouldnt call it an eye sore or anything.

I also wouldnt call it a pond. I WOULD call it a mosquito producing frog magnet though.

I hate running down that way at night b/c I cant tell you how many times I have almost literally stepped on and squished a frog. They just SIT there, in the road. They dont startle, they dont move, they dont indicate in anyway that they would prefer that you didnt stomp on them.

And I cant stand squishing spiders. I can only imagine how it would feel to step on a frog. And I dont mean those little tiny, hyper ones either - these are thick, probably squishy ones that are larger than the diameter of a soda can...probably about 5 inches across at least.



I DO think that the frogs are better than the snake that I saw last year. It was all coiled up and I was sure that it was an anaconda or a boa constrictor. Someone said that we dont have those in Maryland but I am not convinced. I think I burned a few thousand extra calories from the jump in heart rate and my fast retreat when I saw it sitting on the sidewalk.

I worry sometimes about dogs chasing me. See, I figure that I am pretty much already running as fast as I can. What if an unleashed pit bull starting chasing me?? I am not so sure that I could get away. Maybe if it was a three legged pit bull but even still, I am not so sure.

So, I have decided to arm myself. I figure that a taser gun would be difficult to carry :) so I opted for a pepper sprayer. Being the athlete that I am, I opted for the "Jogger's Pepper Spray". I wish it said "Runner's Pepper Spray" because that implies more dedication to the sport but hey, I cant have everything. Supposedly, it attaches to your hand with a velcro strap. This will allow me (and Jeff) to feel safer while running when it is getting dark/dark. I havent gotten it yet but it should be here soon. Hopefully I can avoid any canine encounters until then.

I am scheduled for 45-60 minutes of cross training today so I am off to the YMCA to make my quarterly appearance to justify why they take $59 out of my checking account every month. Hopefully, I will make my quarterly appearance a weekly appearance. We'll see how that goes...I can't have too many aspirations at one time.