Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What was I thinking?

So....I did it. I signed up for the Rock n roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach.

It is on August 31, 2008.

Yes, you heard me correctly... August...could I have chosen a HOTTER month? No. No, I couldn't.

This gives me 17 weeks to train and figure this all out so that I dont die whilst running.

I would really really REALLY enjoy just finishing this one.

I should mention that, in another temporary fit of insanity, I signed up for the half marathon in Baltimore which is in October.

But, you know, what with my relaxed, non-stressed life, I figured I needed a little excitement so why not shake things up a bit??? Why not move up that deadline by a few months? Keep me on my toes and all...

No, in reality, I work so much better for a deadline. I need to have a goal and this certainly is a goal, to be sure.

Now, the thought of having to don running SHORTS (*gulp*) on race day - and in training, no doubt - is giving me convulsions but I guess I am not the one who has to worry about being blinded by the reflection of light off my lilly-white limbs, now do I?

So, today I have to run.

But first I have to work, go to WalMart since we have no laundry detergent or light bulbs (it is amazing how things like that matter when you run out of them) work some more, then go to the Humane Society with the Brownies, get dinner and take care of the spawn, otherwise known as Sarah and Sammy.

But I WILL run!!!

Wish me luck.


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