Monday, October 13, 2008

Still having trouble

My foot is NO better. I have this feeling that the ortho guy thinks I am crazy. He wanted to give me a cortisone shot in my foot. Um, no. So, he ordered an MRI which I had last Tuesday, kind of like he wants to prove something to me. Eh.

It is hurting pretty bad today though so I might be more open to his suggestion of a short course of oral steroids to help with the inflammation.

If that doesnt help, I have a feeling he is going to tell me to suck it up and move on.

We'll see...

Friday, September 19, 2008


WOW! It's been a while.

Well, I saw the foot ortho guy and he said that while he didnt think that it was stress fracture, it was likely something called "synovitis" which is an overuse injury. I am ordered off running for 6-8 weeks and I go back to see him in the beginning of October.

I am sad.

I deferred my entry to Baltimore to next year which is for the best at this point. There is no way that I could train for that what with the hills and everything. I need to rest the feet by hanging up the running shoes for now and then, once I am healed, I will start out slowly and build back up, probably on a slower paced training schedule.

The doc said that he felt like I would be able to get back to the half marathon distance again so that is good.

Eh. So, that is that.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stoopid feet

So, I went to the doctor today and he looked at my feet. I gave him my laundry list of what I was sure it was. He said that I always steal his thunder. *giggle* Eye kent hillp it iffin eye is edjumucated.

He sent me over to the diagnostic center for xrays with a wet read. If positive, I would need to go see the ortho foot guy. If negative, I would need to stay off the tootsies for 7-10 days and then probably still go see the ortho foot guy.

I got to the diagnostic place and the billing lady reads my form and says "Foot pain? You didnt walk in here like you have foot pain."

Well, golly day. Who needs xrays when you have Yolanda in billing?

The long and short of it is that the xrays were negative so there is nothing glaringly serious afoot. *pun intended* I am waiting to hear from the doctor so we can decided what to do next.

Obviously, I will not be running in Philly on the 21st. :(

But, hopefully, I will be better for Baltimore in October!

Monday, September 1, 2008

I did it.

I so TOTALLY did it.

Where to begin...

Well, we got to VA Beach around 3:30 or so on Saturday afternoon. It was a lovely drive and only took about 3 1/2 hours. We expected some serious beach traffic with the Labor Day weekend and all but NOTHING. NADA.

The Expo was really cool. Lots of neat running stuff and upcoming races and all. Lots of mega-expensive souvenirs that were ridiculously priced. I bought a cup and a magnet. And a SpiPack belt for my gear which is a really cool little gadget that you can pack full of stuff and it just expands. I also got a beautiful bracelet of black, gray and clear Swarvoski (??) crystals from and I swear that you would have got one too if you saw these people. They sell them to help cover medical costs for their daughter/granddaughter/niece Sydney who is battling cancer. I got all teary and picked one out and ran away b/c I knew I was going to cry if I talked to them anymore because they were so nice. You can read the story on the website.

Anyywwaayyyyy...I digress. So, the girls were getting a bit antsy so we decided to head out and go to the hotel. We grabbed Jeff a ticket to the B52s concert, which actually turned out to be a pass to ALL the music festival events including the ones that already happened (???) but whatever, and left the Expo Center.

We headed into the resort area and arrived at our hotel.

Nothing fancy but pretty much what I expected. It was clean and didnt seem too noisy. We threw all our stuff in the room and let the girls put on suits to jump in the 12 person pool. Yes - the pool had a limit of 12 people. Since we knew that the Reeleys were headed down there, we knew that we had BETTER claim a spot or we would have to wait it out. ;) The girls had a great time swimming around and we managed to NOT exceed the max number of swimmers allowed. I met Jen's friend Susan from Easton ROCKS and we all chatted about the next day's race.

We got quick showers and decided to head out for some Eye-talian food. The desk guy recommended this PI-zzeria (yes, Pi as in 3.14) and we waked down there but there was over an hour wait and that just wasnt going to happen. So, we went to the NEXT pizza type place and sat right down. The girls got pizza, Jeff got chicken parm and I got baked manicotti with garlic bread and we all split a Greek salad. It was dee-lish. Then the girls got ice cream (I refrained) and we walked back to the hotel. We decided to pick in on the Reeleys and see their posh suite. :) It was like a double hotel room and definitely had a lot more space to spread out and kitchen facilities.

9 pm saw us back in our room and getting ready to throw on a movie (Dumb and Dumber) and try to sleep. Surprisingly, I was quite tired and had a feeling I would fall asleep quickly. Unfortunately, I did not STAY asleep very well as there was no alarm clock in the room (yes, AGAIN, a room with no clock just like in March). Jeff and I set everything settable that we had and I scheduled a 4:15 wake up call. But visions of that Seinfeld episode kept running through my head when Kramer had that wake up call service and Elaine's boyfriend missed the NYC marathon....

So, I was up pretty much every hour after midnight. Then Sarah (who was in my bed) jumped up crying around 2 am for no apparent reason. She calmed right down but then it was hard for to fall back asleep. Poor Jeff was having trouble sleeping as well. Anyway, all the bells and whistles went off at the appointed times and the wake up call came through on time and everything. Jeff got up with me and helped me fix the pads in my shoes and wish me well. Sarah woke up around 4:45 and was awfully giggly for that hour of the morning. Anyway, my feet were most definitely NOT feeling good but I decided to ignore them. They were just being stupid.

I went out and met up with Jen and her running partner Julie and we headed down to the shuttle. There were about 4 or 5 waiting there for runners and I have to say that the whole process was very very smooth. We reached the start line in about 10 minutes and the entire scene was very surreal. I guess most things are at 5:30 am.

I hung around with Jen and her training friends until it was time for them to go meet up with their group. I excused myself and went off to contemplate the day. In other words, I found the potty line. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were about a gazillion port-o-potties and no lines. So, I chose one and went in and peed. When I opened the door to come out, I was literally shocked to see about 100 people lined up in front of this bank of potties. I thought that this did not look good. I meandered around a bit and got back in line as it seemed like they were growing longer by the second. And I was so nervous that I was drinking water like crazy. Not a good mix.

So, after peeing literally about 6 times and meeting all sorts of interesting people, I heard the first gun go off for the Elite runners. Whatevs, right? ;) Meanwhile, there is a man behind me with his wife who was a mega close-stander. He was SO invading my personal space. Everytime I moved, he moved so it was useless to try to get away from him. Meanwhile, he was doing a really bad impersonation of...I dont know what...the Sveedish Chef from the Muppets or something about using port-o-potties before a race. Then he was mad b/c the line next to us seemed to be filtering to THREE potties and ours was only filtering to TWO. Then he wanted to know why no one was using the handicapped potty. I was giving him the *stare* from the back of my head.

Then, the best part was...he saw a guy in the other line who was wearing what was obviously his hoped for finish time of 2:22. Now - you know what that means, right? He wanted to finish in 2 hours 22 minutes. Apparently, Mr and Mrs Suasquatch behind me coudlnt figure that out and were wondering what kind of person would predict a mile pace of 2 mins and 22% of one minute per mile. I was all sorts of rolling my eyes and, because I am such a professional runner, I turned around and schooled them because I couldnt bear one more minute of it. The woman wanted to know why someone would pick such an odd number and I said, as if talking to a 3 year old, "Maybe his last race was 2:24", idjit (I added that in my head).

That shut them up for a while but then Mr PotatoHead said maybe it was a bible verse.


OK so, at about 7:15 am I headed over to the corral area and waited for a bit for my number peeps to move up. Corral #18. That was me. I squeezed in and took part in doing "the wave" and the beach ball hitting. I was continuing to ignore my foot. It was doing it's best not to let me. I sucked down a salt packet with a swig of water and some Luna Moons (aka Crack Moons). I tried to rev up my iPod but I think my sensor died at that moment b/c it kept telling me I needed to hook up my sensor and I had no idea what to do so I just bagged it.

Soon it was 7:34 and they called for Corral 18's runners to be READY and then there was the GUN!

We were off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was pretty much ready to be done after the first .1 mile but suddenly there were TONS and TONS of people on the streets cheering and yelling and jumping up and down for everyone that it was really really cool. I wasnt feeling great b/c it occurred to me that I had not had coffee and that did not bode well for my head. Never mind the foot, I knew I was gonna have a headache in the very near future. Oh well, nothing to do about it at this point.

I was passing people and getting passed. It was crowded but not unbearably so. I was passing time between bands/cheer squads/spectators by gawking at some of the things that people were wearing. NOT the blue hair afro guys or the Elvis dude or the many brides/princesses/birthday girls that ran past me. But the people that were wearing "fashion" sneakers (e.g. Skechers) to run in. Or the people in regular-ish clothes. Even the people in Tshirts and knit shorts. Do people not prepare? Ask around? Look online? Get Runners World? Have common sense? Oh well, I just knew that I didnt want to be them around mile 8. *giggle* I had my own set of problems but at least I was dressed properly!!!!!!!!

I had opted to carry a throw away water bottle and was glad I did b/c I had it for the first 2 water stops that were pretty crowded but then trashed it around mile 4. There were plenty of fluid stops so I knew it would be okay. I avoided the CytoMax b/c I had never tried it and didnt want to have it wreck my GI system in the middle of the race, if you know what I mean, and stuck with the water.

Lots of neighborhoods had parties set up on the roadside and had music blaring and were in costumes, etc. Between mile 4 and 5, some smartypants had a hose and was squirting people all over. MY SHOES GOT WET. This was NOT good. My suspicions were confirmed when I felt rubbing around mile 7...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Around mile 6, I got a text from WeWa Jen and I starting laughing b/c here I am in the middle of a half marathon and I was texting. I decided to shoot Jeff one too to let him know where I was and he sent me an encouraging one back. He and I texted here and there and I let him know where I was and how I was and he finally said they had a spot at the bend in the road right after mile 11. I got all choked up at the thought of seeing them but mile 11 seemed really far off and unattainable at the moment.

Mile 7 came with Power Gels. Right at the right time b/c my stomach was actually growling. I sucked it down with some water and kept on. At this point, my feet were screaming and I KNEW that I would not be making my projected finish of 2:30. I knew I would be nowhere near that. Given the circumstances, I truly knew that I would be thrilled to just finish this one.

I think that the length of road between mile 9 and 10 was actually 4 miles. Between 10 and 11 must have been 3 miles with a bridge thrown in. Coming around the bend, I saw Jeff and the girls. The girls had signs they made and pom poms and Sarah had a cowbell (I told Jeff I coulda used a "little more cowbell at mile 11" lol). They were totally looking in the wrong direction for me so I snuck up on THEM! I gave everyone a smooch and kept on going. Jeff got a picture of me running away.

I am on the left with the black/white outfit and white hat on. If you saw me from the front, I would be the one grimacing in pain and screaming "WHO MOVED THE FINISH LINE???????????????"

Mile 11 to 12 had us looping back the way we had just come on a parallel street. The crowds were CRAZY. Lots of runners who were done came down to this mile to cheer people on. I saw the 12 and knew that I was going to make it. We went down a lot further than I thought we would have to, to turn and head up onto the boardwalk for the final stretch!

There was a man on the side of the boardwalk screaming "This is IT! One more push and it's over! One more big push and you are done!" I couldnt help myself...there was a guy next to me and I said "Thats what they said when I was in labor. I didnt believe them then and I dont believe him now!!!!" I COULDNT SEE THE FINISH LINE!

Suddenly, I just started running. Like Forrest Gump style. I was going to get to see that MILE 13 sign if it killed me and there it was!!!!!!! It was in my sight!! I kept going despite the terrible breeze that was head on, trying to blow my stupid hat off. I clamped my hand on my head (because NO ONE wanted to see what was under that hat at this point!!!) and made for the finish line. There were billions of people there, screaming and cheering. I didnt see Jeff and the girls and apparently, I was running so fast that I was just a flash of white b/c they didnt see me either!!!! lol

I ran over the finish and there were lots of red shirts there asking "Are you okay? Are you okay?" to everyone. HELL. NO. I was not okay woman! I just ran 13.1 miles.

I didnt know where anyone was but I knew that I couldnt just stop so I walked. And people handed me stuff. A medal (yeah!). An ice cold towel (double yeah!). A popsicle (yum) and a bag of yumminess - snacks of all sorts. People were so nice and just kept trying to give me stuff but I just wanted to find my peeps.

I knew that Jeff was at the finish b/c he wasnt answering his phone and I knew it was b/c of the noise there. So, I walked for a little more, went off the boardwalk and sat my butt down on a lovely patch of grass in front of a hotel that had palm trees.

Finally, we were reunited. We headed down to the beach and we went to the medic tent so I could ice my feet. Nurse Ratchet PTA student saran wrapped naked ice bags to both of my feet as if I was going parasailing and she didnt want them to fall off. They were on there so tight I thought I was going to die. I dont deal well with bare cold like that. I made Jeff unwrap them and I just sat with them ON the bags.

Beach pic with the fam:

The girls and I dove into my goodie bag and then we walked down to check on the Easton ROCKS people and happily they all finished and were doing well. So, we went to catch the shuttle back up to the hotel since there was NO WAY that I was walking anywhere.

We got there and I showered, much to my family's happiness. All I knew was that I needed to eat. A LOT. We wound up back at the PI-zzeria (remember 3.14??) and we ate a $94 lunch. I had a sangria and a HUGE salad and bruschetta and humungous mozzarella cheese sticks AND pizza. It was so good. We all ordered way too much food so we boxed it up and took it back to the hotel for later.

We decided to hit the beach. We ran into Tracy and her girls and Jen and her family so Sarah and Sammy were THRILLED to have buddies to play with.

We stayed on the beach until almost 6 and we were all getting tired. Jeff and I discussed the whole B52s thing and I just said that I didnt think I could muster the energy to go to dinner at 6 let alone a concert at 9. He didnt care either way.

We took the girls up to the hotel, got fast showers and Jeff ran out to get some drinks (all caffeine free of course!!!) We had bed picnics of leftovers and then an M&M fest. We put on Indiana Jones and layed on the beds. It was 8:30 people. I was asleep before 9 as was Sammy apparently. The movie ended and Jeff and Sarah decided to put on Bruce Almighty. Neither one saw past the credits.

Yup. We are real party people. :)

Today, we went to the Pocohontas Pancake House (who KNEW Pocohontas knew how to make pancakes??) and then to the junk shop so the girls could get some...well...junk, aka souvenirs. We then surprised them with a trip to the Virginia Aquarium which was nice but doesnt hold a candle to Baltimore, of course.

We decided to feed the girls to the sharks instead of bringing them home...

OK, not really.

We got home around 8:30 and threw them in bed.

Every bone in my body hurts. Every muscle aches. My feet dont hurt NEARLY as bad as I thought they would. Jeff is on the fence about a stress fracture but he doesnt THINK that it is and I would have to agree. I will see the doctor this week just in case though and then we will make a plan from there.

I am glad that it is over. It doesnt feel as anti-climatic as I thought that it would. I accomplished something that I never fathomed for even one second that I would achieve. If you had asked me a year ago, hell, 6 MONTHS ago, if I would ever consider a half marathon, I woulda said you were crazy. But, I did it and no one can ever take that away. I saw a really cool shirt when I was running and it said on the back "Pain is temporary but pride is forever". I dont know who said it or if it is just made up but it is true!

I KNOW that Lance Armstrong said that pain is temporary but QUITTING is forever and that is true too...I could have quit any number of times...13,876 times probably to be exact. I am SO glad that I didnt and I proved to myself (my biggest critic) that I could do it. And hopefully, I will get to do it again!

Thanks to everyone who has helped me down this path, especially my trainer/therapist/biggest fan, Jeff! And my girls who love me and want to hug me even when I am "just a little stinky" or who want to know "how many tonight, momma?" or who ask me if it is a running day when I am a bit cranky (and it usually is!!! lol) And to everyone who has encouraged me with kind words of encouragement along the way, especially in the harder times these past 18 weeks...I couldnt have done it without any of you!!

Now I have to go put something else in my blog title since I have finished AND survived!!!!!!

Official race stats:

Bib: 18174
Place Overall: 13815 out of 16336
Women: 7298 out of 9240
F 35-39: 1244 out of 1511

FINISH: 3:05:44 pace: 14:11

5 Km: 39:48 pace: 12:49
10 Km: 1:22:58 pace: 13:22
10 Mi: 2:18:51 pace: 13:54
11.3 Mi: 2:39:10 pace: 14:06
20 Km: 2:53:30 pace: 13:58

Chip Time: 3:05:44
Gun Time: 3:38:40

Supposedly, there were between 20,000 and 24,000 people in this race (it was hard to determine the exact #). Either way, with a total number of finishers as 16,336 - that is a TON of people who either didnt do it or didnt finish! I bet they were all wearing Skechers, though...


Friday, August 29, 2008

Counting down...

I am nervous.

My foot is not much better. I have been stretching and icing and we have been trying the pads but I cant tell if they are helping or not. I am going to try my best to rest them today and continue the treatment and then just let it go from there.

We are planning on dropping the dogs at the kennel around 9 or so and heading on down. That way, we can get to the hotel, check in, go to the Expo, maybe grab an early dinner and then head back to chill out at the hotel and maybe go for a swim or something in the pool before calling it a day.

I am going to wear these shorts and those are my socks *giggle*:

And a white wicking top which I dont have a picture of.

I will also likely wear my Nike hat in case it is rainy.

The weather report was calling for a 30% chance of rain so that means there is a 70% chance that it WONT rain, right?

I got a little clip on pouch for my phone and iPod (in case I need it and to track my run). I will throw a few band aids and Gatorade packs in there. I am thinking that I will probably pin a baggie to it with toilet paper :) and some Luna moons in it.

I am hoping to cross that finish line, come hell or high water. I have worked so hard for this and I HATE that I am having this foot problem now. I know that I will not be happy if I have to walk a majority of the race but it is what it is and walking will be better than sustaining stress fractures that will knock me off my feet.

So, say a little prayer that all goes well and I will be back to post, hopefully, a glorious race report on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

A pain in the foot

Well, after my very athletic endeavor of running 13.1, I am experiencing quite a bit of pain in my foot up around the base of my second and third toes. To give it a name, it is metatarsalgia. Apparently my bones are messed up in my toes, creating untold stress on the middle of the ball of my foot while running and pain so bad it makes you wanna smack yer momma.

So, I was depressed this weekend.

New plan is to NOT run this week, to ice and stretch my calves and hamstrings (which apparently contribute to this problem) and see how it goes. Jeff is trying out some different padding choices in my shoes but I dont think we have hit the right combo yet.

Icing your feet is very painful but I have developed a system of slowly increasing the iced-ness of the water instead of plunging wholehog into the icy bath from hell creating a sensation of jabbing 10,000 knives into my feet at once.

7 days til race day.

I am nervous.




But, it should be fun.

I mean - HEY, I delivered 2 babies. How hard can this be?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I cant believe I ran the whole thing :)

So, I intended to run 12 today but I figured that once I got there, whats 1.1 more, right?

I was going to get up early (yeah right) and try to run as close to the time I would when I am in VA Beach but that didnt happen. I rolled out the door at 9:15 after having 2 cups of coffee, half a banana and a small bagel square with peanut butter.

I again did not carry water with me which meant that I had to return to my water stop (aka home) every 3 miles or so. But I was pleased that I was able to do this even though it was hotter than hell and certainly more humid.

So, I did about 3 with a run 5 minutes, walk 3 minutes interval, and then stopped at home for some fluids. Then back out minutes later for a run 7, walk 3 interval to about 6.5 and then home for fluids and some energy chew thingies. Then I stopped on the corner to chat with Megan for a minute or so then on to my third segment. Run 8, walk 3 to mile 9.35 and then home for some PowerAde. At this point, I knew that I could do the whole thing. I had it in my mind from the beginning so I was fairly confident that I was pacing myself accordingly.

I went back out but my legs and feet were protesting and I had to drop back to the run 5, walk 3 interval. I thought my lungs were going to explode and my feet were going to fall off around mile 11. I think that I need to refuel with some GU or something around mile 10 if I expect to finish with a decent time.

Each time I stopped, I paused my Nike+ and HRM to try to get an accurate reading of my run time. I know this is kind of cheating but I felt that I would certainly not be lingering for 3-4 minutes at any water stops during the race (well, hopefully not anyway) so it was more or less fair.

I finished in 2 hours 29 minutes and 11 secs. My average pace was 11 min 13 secs which is pretty good for me.

I was so offensive when I got home but I had to lay on the floor for about 10 minutes and of course, upload my run to :) before I was able to go shower the stank off.

Ask me if I EVER thought I would run this far. Go ahead - ask me.

NO. No I never ever in a million bazillion years thought that I would complete this distance.

I MAY try to do it again next weekend with a few easy runs during the week with my water belt on and not stopping the way I did today and see how that goes. I might not. I will see how I feel about it.

Now I know I CAN do it. Even in the heat and humidity and with only 3 water stops (there are like 7 at the race). I hope to recreate something close to today's time and I think with the excitement and overall format of the race, I will be faster and running on more adrenaline so I SHOULD be able to do it in under 2 1/2 hours which would make me way happy.

I am dressed like I am going somewhere but I am not positive that my legs will cooperate so I think I will go plop on the couch for a while and see what the rest of the afternoon brings.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Getting nervous

So, the half marathon is 2 weeks and 2 days from today.

I am going to try to do a "dry run" (so to speak) this Sunday with the outfit I think I am going to wear and with what I think I am going to eat and around the time that I will be running on the actual race day. It wont be an exact carbon copy though because race day will have me waking around 4 (*THUD*) and I will not likely be doing the full distance. BUT, if I can get out by 8 or so and do around 12, I will at least have a decent idea of how my new shorts are working and what kind of fuel I will need.

I did an easy 5k tonight BUT I did it in 32m 10s which is 2m 2s faster than my best 5k ever. So, that is pretty promising. I am hoping to do a 5k or two in the fall and maybe blow some doors off...*giggle*

I have been having trouble with my neck on the right side/down into my shoulder blade lately. This morning, I woke up and hit snooze at least 4 times (I didnt actually have to be up for any reason...) and each time, I remember that it was a song from my running playlist. As I rolled over, my neck twinged and I SWEAR that my dreams told me that my neck/shoulder hurt on that side b/c that is the hand that I ALWAYS carry my water in.


My dream diagnosed my problem.

So, I ran it past Jeff and he agreed that it could certainly be a contributing factor.

So, tonight I ran without water. It was hard to finish but I surely did survive. I think I might have done better than when I have the water with me. I set a bottle on the step in case I needed to run past the house and grab some but I did okay without it for the 3.1 miles. I wont even need to go that long in VA Beach without a water break but I will probably wear my water belt anyway.

I went to the Nike outlet yesterday and got a pair of black/white running shorts and an aqua blue top. Then I went to Dicks today and got a pair of red Adidas shorts and a white top. My shoes have red in them but I didnt know if I wanted to be all Matchy-Matcherton or anything. :) I will try them both out and see which is the most comfy with the least chub rub.

I ran 10k this past Wednesday and I witnessed a murder. A cat came out of NOWHERE and attacked a poor bunny. The rabbit squealed and I actually stopped and yelled at the cat. Its owner happened to be outside watering the grass and just stood there. I didnt stick around b/c I was afraid that the cat would let up and the bunny would still be alive and...well...*shudder*...never mind.

So, this week, I hate cats.

OK - I am off to shower and then fall asleep to the Olympics which has been the norm lately. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I am back from our wonderful week long vacation in Long Beach Island, NJ. We had a really great time and as much as we hated to leave, we are happy to be home and settling back into our daily routine.

Here is the house we stayed in:

Samantha thought we should buy it. :)

Speaking of Sammy, here she is with me at the rides:

Jeff and I actually did run while vacationing. 21 miles total, actually. That is total craziness, no? Also, I did manage to journal everyday except the last day but I still didnt overdo it so I am pleased with that. My scale hop today was NOT very promising but I am trying not to wig out and lose total control of myself.

We did 2 five-ish milers and then one 10.5 mile run. I was fairly certain that I was going to die during that one but I made it. We basically ran OUT 5 miles so obviously, we had to run BACK 5 more. I ran out of water but a kind woman bringing groceries inside offered us a refill from her fridge when Jeff asked if we could refill my bottle from her hose. Bless that woman. I think she saved me from keeling over on the last mile and a half.

I managed to squeak out 3.25 miles this evening before the thunder and lightning started. I wasnt planning on doing much more than that anyway. The balls of my feet are still sore though the shooting that I felt between my toes has subsided. I also got some good chafing (forgot the BodyGlide) and my ear popped around mile 6 of my long run and I couldnt hear a blasted thing Jeff was saying - I finally told him not to talk to me anymore. :)

Ah yes, running is awesome. However, I DID burn upwards of 2400 calories during those 3 runs (1200 in the last one alone...).

One more picture from vacation...

Surfer girls

We are already making plans to go back next year!

Oh and Jessie and Rascal both survived the kennel AND got groomed. I called twice to be sure that Jessie was faring well and the kennel owner said that she was her usual mopey self but she was fine physically. She said that she was being a bit weird about getting taken out of the kennel (no doubt related to all she has been through at the vet) so they put her in an open kennel by the front office and she had free reign of the place while they were there. She came and went as she pleased and went on her walks with Rascal.

I ♥ that kennel.

When I got there to pick them up, Jessie just about blew a gasket when she saw me. Usually, she ignores me a bit and makes me suffer but she was all over me this time and didnt even put me through the ignore punishment at all. Rascal, I am fairly sure, forgot about us. :) When they let him walk out to the waiting area, it actually took a moment for him to recognize me and then he completely freaked out. I think he figured we had left him there. Poor dumb boy. :) Gotta love him.


HOLYCRAP!!! The half marathon is 3 weeks from TODAY.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I havebeen using Jeff's HR interval training and it has really helped me to improve my overall pace since returning from the leg injury. WhenI first came back, my overall pace was about 13m 26s a mile. YUCK, huh? Now, 9 days later and a healthy leg owner, I am down to 12m 15s a mile. Not bad for such a short amount of time! If I can shave 1 more minute off, I will be back to my average pace from pre-injury days.

I will continue on.

I forgot to mention that Jeff partook (is that a word?) of his Fathers Day gift this weekend. We went to Dover Downs Speedway ("The Monster") and he was able to ride shotgun in a retired race car! He was way excited and although it went by so fast, he was permanently smiling for at least an hour afterwards!

I shall add pictures once I get them uploaded.

We then went to the Delaware State Fair which was actually LOTS of fun - we only had Sammy with us as Sarah was at GS camp for 4 days. FOUR DAYS. I thought I was going to have a meltdown the day she left (AFTER I dropped her off) and apparently, she DID have a meltdown Friday night but we both made it through and now life is back to normal...whatever that is, right?

We leave for Long Beach Island in NJ on Saturday and I cannot wait!!!!!! It will be a challenge to maintain the 6.5 lb loss that I have scored by eating mindfully and running the past three weeks. BUT, I plan on getting in my regular runs while at the beach since there will be lots of babysitters and lots of time. I WILL achieve my 10 lb goal by Labor Day. By then, my ultimate goal will be within reach for the first time in a long time. :)

Friday, July 25, 2008


That is how many calories I burned on my 8 miler last night. I counted that as 10 APs and I ate every single one. :)

I need to clarify that when I say I have gone 8 miles or 6 miles or 4 or whatever...I am not able to run the whole time. It suddenly occurred to me that I am not truly a RUNNER because I cant run more than 1-1.5 miles at a time. Never have - will I ever?

That feels sucky but I guess that my overall endurance will improve. I have trouble, obviously, with my leg but breathing is also an issue - I wonder if using my inhaler even in warm weather (my EIA has only ever acted up in the cold) would be a good idea.

Just a thought.

My coach assures me that I AM a runner b/c lots of peeps run/walk. Eh. I just tend to want to be better than I am I guess. Dont we all???

Today is a DOR and I feel better than I thought I would. My time doing the 8 was not much worse than the last time I did 8 - I was off by about 6 minutes (longer on this one) and my pace was only a wee bit more overall. But that was pre-injury. My overall pace on this run was a minute less than my overall on my 4 and 6 milers so that is encouraging as well.

I am wondering if I will do the half in less than 3?? I am shooting for 2h 30m. Somewhere in between is likely where I will fall. Then, I will have a baseline to improve on in Baltimore in October!

Sammy has strep throat.


Tomorrow, Jeff is going to be partaking of his Fathers Day gift which was a 4 lap ride in a NASCAR at Dover Downs Speedway in DE. He is NOT a NASCAR fan but I thought it would be a neat experience overall and he is psyched for it. I am sure that the peanut will be better by then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep your fingers crossed...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

4 miles

This interval thing is a little hard but it does make time go faster b/c I am so concerned with what my HR is and what my timing is that I almost forget about distance. But it is KILLING my pace. However, my trainer just gives me the googly eye when I bring it up. :)

Lets discuss chub rub.

Is there anything more uncomfortable or embarrassing than a little chub rub in your running shorts?

I have 3 pairs of the same ones and they USED to be fine. Now, maybe it isnt chub run but the exact opposite which is more of a loose material gathering in the thigh region. Maybe they are actually a little too big. But, it still feels and, I am sure, LOOKS like chubination happening there resulting in a wad of material, usually just one side, riding up into the crotchal area.


I am actually thinking about trying out a running skirt. Something tells me that I will feel WAY overdressed to go out and run. But, it WOULD eliminate the chub issue so that would surely be a bonus.

Any input on this from others who have tried the running skirt thing would be appreciated. I feel like it is sort of like the bathing suit skirt. *shudder* I refuse to wear one b/c I know that it looks like I am trying to hide something (i.e. CHUB) which, of course, I am. But, I dont want to LOOK like I am trying to hide it. Like I am making a conscious choice to wear, say board shorts, b/c...well, I dont know...I am so athletic? I surf on a surf BOARD, hence the need for the board SHORTS? I doubt that I am kidding anyone really.

I refuse to spend a lot of money on an article of clothing that I despise so despite everyone's urging to try the Lands End suits that run around $100, I did manage to shop at Penneys and find a cute top to go with my existing board shorts as well as...ahem...a STRAIGHT, not flouncy, suit skirt type bottom that looks more like a cover up.

So, I am sure that I will have everyone fooled.

Why I care so much, I dont know. :)

So, I did 4 miles today. My coach has me scheduled for 8 on Thursday so I am psyched to give that a go! My thigh is better but I have a small shooting pain in my left foot now which I believe is there b/c I am trying to engage my glutes in my running motion b/c it helps. So, yup, my BUTT muscle is making my FOOT hurt.

Oy vey.

Oh and Sarah is going to the orthodontist next Tuesday. And Jeff needs some oral surgery which the dental insurance says is too medical and the medical insurance says is too dental. Add these things together and the result of the equation is that we are screwed.

We SO need to enroll in the flex spending account in January.

Eh. I need to go to bed.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Interval training

Well, last night, I did 6 miles. WOOHOO

I have started doing HR interval training as recommended by my trainer (Jeff, that is). It has been working really well and I think that it will allow me to extend my mileage more quickly using it. For the first time in a long time, I am starting to feel like I WILL get to VA Beach AND feel prepared. I knew I would go but I was so afraid that I would feel ill-equipped...My pace stinks b/c I am concentrating on keeping my heart rate in the appropriate zone which requires me to run a bit slower/walk quickly - this KILLS my overall pace but as Jeff says, I am not looking to win, just finish.

I am also going every other day which is weird for me b/c before, on my other program, I was going back to back on a few days but I know this is better for my leg's recovery. Jeff has been working on the IT Band and my left quad, both of which hurt really really bad when he pushed on them but it does seem effective the next day.


I took Sarah to the eye doctor today for a vision test b/c she has been complaining of not being able to see very well. I was fairly certain that she was faking at least a little. Turns out she has 20/70 vision and is, indeed, nearsighted. OMG My girl is getting glasses. Good news is, kid glasses are pretty cheap. Bad news, she will likely need new ones every year. Sarah is tickled pink and even found an elephant eyeglass case to match which is more than perfect for her. It was meant to be.

She will be going to the orthodontist in the next few weeks for a consult. Poor girl. She cant WAIT to have braces either. Silly thing.

Sarah is off to camp on Friday for FOUR days without me!!! What will I do?????? Then next week we are off to the beach for a week. I. CANT. WAIT.

Jessie is faring pretty well. She has lots of waggy days so I am pleased.

Sammy is receiving nightly "visits" from Nana. I am not sure what to make of that but as long as she doesnt go all Sixth Sense on me, I am okay with it. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting back on track

I am still having some trouble with my left leg in the quad area. It was feeling better and then I rammed my toe into the base of Jeff's Total Gym and I swear that I felt it all the way up to my thigh! I cant catch a break on that leg...

Anyway, I ran 3 miles last night. 3 miles EXACTLY. I have been trying to increase my actual running distance/time without walking and it is going pretty well. I just dont want to irritate my leg anymore than it is.

Jeff also is having me pay more attention to my heart rate. It makes sense that if I track my HR a little better, my endurance should improve by not going ALL OUT from the get-go b/c it totally throws me off.

On a happy note, I have managed to stick with the WeWa program for almost a week now. With the exception of Saturday and Nana's memorial service (which was VERY nice but sad), I have tracked points everyday. It is getting a little easier. I am most proud that even though I overdid it on Saturday, I jumped right back on the wagon Sunday morning. That has always been my downfall...I fall off the wagon and then throw in the towel for a few weeks.

I am determined to lose 10 pounds by Labor Day. My plan is to journal and follow points daily. On running days, I will eat ALL APs. I am going to play with FPs and see how it goes...I may use 7 FPs on training days to get in my pre and post workout meals/snacks because they are truly very important. APs will be for whatever I want during that day. I will see how it goes and tweak it as I go along.

Jessie is doing okay. She has had a few episodes of stomach upset but she has been pretty bright. Definitely a different dog than a year ago but she is doing just fine for now.

Sammy has done a total "about face". We had a REAAAALLLYYY bad week with her last week (no wonder with everything going on) and I had many talks with her. I was SOOO frustrated and feeling so down about her behavior. Anyway - since last Friday, she has become "Alien Samantha". She is cooperative and pleasant. The whining has diminished exponentially. I keep waiting for Opposite Day to end but so far, so good. She had a couple 5 year old meltdowns which is to be expected but other than that, she has REALLY stepped it up and is acting more what I would expect from her at this point.

Today is a DOR. I will do my stretches and I might run over to see Jeff for some physical therapy this afternoon. I was able to rearrange my afternoon so I am totally OFF!!!!! I stopped at JCPenney today and picked up a few things including a bathing suit though I am not convinced that I like it so I will hang onto it just in case I cant find something better.

I just really hate bathing suits...

You know what would really suck? If you were googling for cartoon pictures appropriate for how you feel in a bathing suit for your blog and you came across this one with the label "Fat Lady on Beach" and when you looked at it, it was YOU? That would really not make a person's day...just a thought.

Oh and the reason why that would upset the most is b/c that ^^^^ person isnt even that big for goodness sake!!!

People are annoying.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's been a while...

WOW - I havent posted in almost a week which is a worlds record for me. I also havent run in over a week which is also, of late, a record.

On Wednesday, after hearing the news, we opted to take the girls for their photo shoot since they were so looking forward to it and it would be a nice distraction for me. It went great. You can see the pictures here:

Afterwards, we went to Ruby Tuesday's (Girls choice) for dinner and we told them the sad news. They cried. I cried. It was hard to say and hard for them to hear but they asked some questions and seemed okay with it. Sammy is more concerned about what Nana's heaven is like and what she is doing. Sarah, as per her usual, is more introspective and would just come hug on me every once in a while.

They slept over in our room that night and we had a nice "girl" morning on Thursday as we ran a few errands and packed for the weekend. We left for NJ when Jeff got home from work.

We spent the weekend hanging out with the fam which was nice. Jeff's family had 2 different 4th of July parties on Friday and, even though I really didnt feel like it, we all went to both. It was another good diversion but people kept expressing their sympathy and it made me cry everytime. :(

Saturday, we went to Kara and Jeffs for dinner and wound up sifting through lots of pictures that will be part of the memorial service on Saturday. Sunday, we left around noon and it was weird coming home. Sunday afternoon was probably the hardest b/c there wasnt much to do but sit around and think. And do laundry, of course.

I walked with Jeff and Sarah for just about 3 miles on Saturday morning. My leg felt pretty good but started aching a teensy bit towards the end. I think that I am going to try to run/walk a few miles tonight and see how it goes. I have lost my mojo for healthy eating and running. Completely. I feel awful, I think I look awful and I need to get it back or else it will slip away completely which would NOT be okday.

Jessie threw up on Saturday and then again yesterday. I am worried about her. I spoke to Jinni and she said that it was possible that she could have a little ulcer brewing in her abdomen so we will get her some Pepcid and lay off the pain meds for a while. Or, of course, it could be something more sinister and THAT I cant think about right now.

I am sure that God or Divine Providence or Fate or whatever would NOT make me endure losing my Jess right now. There is no way. That would be way too cruel.

So, on that note, I need to finish up my work day with my last appointment, stop at CVS to get the Pepcid and then get home to try desperately to make some sense out of my house.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sad day

Well, Nana died today. It happened around 2 pm. Yesterday, she agreed that she wanted the ventilator removed and not have any other treatments. We knew it would only be a matter of a day or two but it is still hard to wrap your brain around.

I will try to do my own little memorial to her in the next few days but I cant think right now.

Monday, June 30, 2008


I feel like the tone of my blog has turned from one of light-heartedness and fun to sadness and complaints.

Between Nana, Jessie and my stupid leg, things have not been very happy around here.

But I guess we need to take the good with bad and move on...

Here are some updates:

Nana was supposed to come home from the rehab on Saturday but instead, had a heart attack and landed her butt in the ICU on Thursday afternoon. We went up there on Friday and had the opportunity to spend some time with her on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, because she was in ICU, the girls were not able to visit. Nana was laughing and joking and discussing the deal she had made with God to stay around to see Kara and Jeff's baby in December...

Jeff and the girls and I left and mom went to say goodbye when Nana started having more chest pains and needed some nitroglycerin to calm it down. Later that night, they gave her some morphine for the pains and scheduled a cardiac catheterization (sp??) for Monday. Fast forward to today and mom called this morning and said that Nana was BACK on the ventilator and her lungs had fluid again. She was going to receive dialysis today and see if that helped. If not, well, I dont know...I dont think they know either...

Jessie went into the vet on Friday and she still had a temperature. She had been acting a little down in the dumps on Thurs/Fri so I was pretty sure that something was not quite right. I had spoken with Jinni on Friday morning and she said that she was pretty much stumped at this point and short of some rare medical condition, she had no idea of what was truly wrong with my fuzzygirl. Anyway, we had a long talk with our local vet and she said that at this point, it was okay to say WHEN and to simply take it day by day without more tests or treatments or anything. We will keep her on antibiotics and add a pain reliever and see how it goes. Dr Kearns said "You will know when it is time".


TIME???? Not what one wants to hear but I am a realist and know that there will come a TIME when we say enough is enough. Also, there is only so much money you can put out before it starts to hurt (and $1700 later, we are starting to notice the pinch).

Soooo....we went up to NJ and Jessie got spoiled with love by everyone. Saturday morning, I awoke to Rascal and Jessie romping around the room which she hasnt been doing at ALL for the past few weeks. This dog has me so confused. She was fine yesterday and this morning. I am fairly certain that she is doing it on purpose b/c when she is "sick" she gets better food. :)

Her bloodwork came back with some improvements in the white blood cells and platelets but the red blood cells were still down and showed signs of anemia and dehydration. The vet is going to look into vitamin supplements and such. The doggie ibuprofren is really helping her a lot.

My leg is much better than it was though I havent been able to run on it yet. I have been stretching and taking Advil pretty religiously as prescribed by my trainer. :) My half marathon is 9 weeks from yesterday and I am feeling antsy about getting back in gear.

ON a happy note, today is Rascal's 10th birthday. He just wagged away like crazy as we sang today. I will pick up some doggie ice cream at the grocery store today on my way home so we can celebrate for real!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I hate my leg

So, my leg still hurts despite my personal PT's best efforts today.

He is making me hang up the running shoes and turn to walking for right now.


Anyway - he said he will still get me to the half marathon as a happier and healthier person if I just listen to him. I do NOT take direction very well. BUT, I am willing to go on faith and turn in my current schedule for a new one.

And like he said, I am simply looking to complete the race not win it.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I went out with the intention of running 5 miles today and my thigh/groin area was on fire so it didnt happen. I got 1.7 miles and had to come home. I did a contrast bath in the shower, took some Advil and iced it. I am hoping it feels better tomorrow.

I will have a session or two with my personal physical therapy dude this week to hopefully diagnose and fix it.

I am NOT happy.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Jessie's bone marrow and lymph node aspiration tests came back NEGATIVE! They were positive for a toxin of some sort. So, the beast must have eaten something nasty.


I dont even want to know how much that ^^^ labwork is gonna cost me. :)

But, the girl is well and that is all I need to know today.

I think that Jess has gotten used to the invalid life. Either that or she is sure that we have finally lost it. We bring her delicious foods to where she is - she doesnt even have to get up to eat. We ice her water and place it near her. She gets about 3 times as much peanut butter b/c of all her medicines...

Spoiled rotten!

Anyway, I was scheduled for 5 miles today and a day of rest tomorrow but we are having yet another terrible storm coming through so the run will have to wait until tomorrow.

What is WITH this weather????

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lazy Sunday

I woke up feeling terrible this morning...felt like a sinus infection was coming on. Plus, I woke to the girls yelling at each other over Sammy using Sarah's blanket. I did giggle when I heard Sarah say to Jeff "She's wrapped up in it and she's NAKED!!" She was wearing undies but apparently that was a little too much skin rubbing on Sarah's blanket.


Speaking of Sammy, I wanted to share one of my most favorite things that she has said to date: (Keep in mind that she finished up VBS last week so she's got God on the mind)

"God is everywhere but even if you swing, you won't kick him in the head"


She also told Jinni that heaven is a beautiful place and she would really like to go there but you have to be dead to get there.

Goofy girl. So honest in her thoughts.

Jessie's temp was up to 103.3 this morning and she is acting a little less perky but not enough to make any calls or panic. But it certainly puts a little damper on the day as she was soooo good yesterday.

I am truly bracing myself for bas news tomorrow. I dont think that I can aptly prepare myself but I am not in denial that there very well may be something very serious wrong. I just hope that I can hold it together and get through the decision making process without acting like a total emotional fool...

So, on a happier note, I decided to go for my scheduled 4 mile run and made it out the door. I cried for the first half mile or so (I was wearing sunglasses, thank god) but then I was almost able to clear my head and enjoy the last 3 or so miles. I made it 4.1 altogether in terrible time b/c I walked a lot but I'll take it.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday.

Off to shower!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pup update, American Idol Party and a run (finally!)

This has not been Jessie's best week. She spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the vet ALL DAY getting IVs. I would go see her at lunchtime and take her out for a walk. She perked up pretty nicely upon leaving but on Tues and Wed, she still went down hill in the evening. We had no answers. On Thursday, her temp had finally come down for the first time but her blood work remained messed up.

I finally brought up the "C" word. Or maybe the "L" word would be more fitting. My research had lead me to believe that Jessie could very possibly have Leukemia or Lymphoma...the vet there that day agreed that it was a distinct possibility.

Now, some of you know AbFab (aka Jinni) from the WeWa message boards - our resident vet who posts on the L2L thread daily. She and I had been in email contact and she had thrown some ideas my way that I shared with the vets and the agreed wholeheartedly with her, adding some new medications and running some new tests.

I was a little wigged out when Jinni suggested that they might need to do a bone marrow aspiration to rule out the presence of cancer. But, I was BLOWN AWAY when she volunteered to come down here from Philly to do it for/with my vets.

We decided, on Thursday, to wait until Friday's lab results came back. I slept well Thursday night and Jessie seemed the closest to normal that she has been lately.

Friday morning brought a 9 am phone call that the white blood cells were up BUT not very much and other things were down so it still wasnt looking good. We decided to go forward with the bone marrow test.

I started running errands for Sarah's birthday party that night and making what preparations I could. She had been at overnight camp and would be getting home around 5. The party was at 7.

Jinni called at noon and said she was in town and we would meet up in fifteen minutes at the vet. Jessie was NOT happy about getting back in the car but she went, resigned to the fact that she would be hanging out at her least favorite place AGAIN. :(

I was thrilled to meet Jinni and she was so friendly to Jessie and put me at ease (as mich as possible that is) right away - I knew Jess was in good hands. I was happy to meet her little dog, Minnie, who was definitely the comic relief of the crew.

We spent about an hour or so at the vet. Jessie was sedated and I left the room. I chatted with staff (it was lunch time so there was no one else there). I heard Jessie yelp a couple times but they said that she was just in a twilight state and they werent even really doing anything at the times she yelped.

I went back when the procedure was over and petted Jessie while she came to. She was shaved on her shoulder but didnt seem to be in any pain and her temperature was almost normal.

We met up with Jeff and took Jinni to The Pub for lunch and wee bit of alcohol. :) Yes, at 2:30 in the afternoon... We talked over a lot of information and discussed some "what if " scenarios. I was so excited that Jinni decided to stay overnight to make the trip even more worthwhile and attend the American Idol party!!

When we got home, Jessie was her regular old self and she, Rascal and Minnie got to know one another. Minnie settled in to the pack and developed a particular fondness for Samantha who shared the same feelings of puppylove.

The party went off well, the time just FLEW by! There was lots of singing and laughing and clapping, presents, cakes, ice cream and wine. :)

That night, Minnie decided that Sammy made a comfy pillow and pulled up a blanket on her bed for the night. We hung out and chatted in the morning and Jinni and Pup left around 11.

Jessie has been acting great all day and her temp is low. She has been begging for food, playing frisbee and lounging in the sun...her usual routine.

My girl, today:

Quite a difference from last time, huh?

And the boy too...he is kinda dumb when it comes to pictures:

So, I also got in a 6 mile run today. In two shifts though b/c Lynn was needing a sitter while she and her husband changed "shifts" with the kids so I did 3 then a 20 minute break and the other 3. Considering that I havent run since last Sunday, I was pleased to get my scheduled long run for the week in today!

Keep your fingers and everything else crossable crossed for Jessie. Hopefully we will get the results on Monday and I will update. I just pray that we get through tonight and tomorrow without incident since we are sans vet until Monday!!

Oh, and btw, Nana is kicking butt and taking names in rehab and will maybe be returning home this week! She will have to do dialysis 3 times a week forever but she is doing very well so that is positive!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sick pup saga

On Friday, we noticed that Jessie wasnt acting quite right. Nothing too alarming, just a little lazy and not wanting to eat which is very out of character for her. Saturday, the same but still ornery and happy to visit with her company. Sunday, same. Biggest difference was that she didnt want to eat. And she seemed to want to go out on the deck a lot.

So, Monday morning I call and make an appointment for her at the vet. I realized that my FuzzyGirl had not wagged her tail or eaten since Sunday afternoon. I wrote down all her medications and her weaning schedule from the Phenobarb just in case it had something to do with it.

The vet checks her out and takes her temperature. It was 105.5! Holy crap. Even for a dog, that is very high. Sooooo...she gets blood drawn and a shot of antibiotics. Lyme's disease test was negative. We bring her home to wait for the results with instructions on how to help lower her temp.

Mid-afternoon, I go to Wal Mart to pick up the big girls from the GS camp bus and run into the store to grab a *cough* doggie thermometer *cough* and some rubbing alcohol. Meanwhile, there is a severe thunderstorm warning which decides to descend on us as I am about to walk outside to the limobus. TORRENTIAL downpour, wind...craziness!

I wait about 5 minutes but realize it isnt getting any better and I need to just run for it. Well, 1.2 milliseconds out the door, I am drenched to the skin. Thankfully, I wasnt wearing a white shirt! I grab the girls of the bus amidst the drama and we get home.

We spend the afternoon putting a large ice pack on Jessie, rubbing alcohol on the pads of her paws and monitoring her temp. It came down in the afternoon but shot back up, as it does with kids, in the evening.

We get her settled upstairs for bed and I print out the directions to the nearest doggie ER which is an hour away and pray that we dont need it.

How pathetic is this?

Nurse Rascal stuck close by:

Anyway, at 4 am, I was barely able to rouse her and I got really freaked out so I wrapped her in a wet towel and slept on the floor next to her. In the morning, I called the vet and he called back when he got the lab results. He said that her WBC was so low that she might be septic and that we could "lose her". Of course, *I* lost it and he said to bring her right in. They got her hooked up to an IV and started administering fluids.

I spoke the office a couple of times and they said that she was perking up a bit so she must have been dehydrated. She went out and peed and ate some canned dog food.

We went in at 4 to get her to bring her home for the night and the vet showed us her xrays which did not indicate any tumors or anything so that was good. They are stumped at this point as to why she has such a high fever still but we were starting some heavy duty antibiotics. Jessie still had her IV catheter in and a nifty orange bandage on her arm.

Anyway, the night went by without incident and Jessie returned to the vet this morning as we promised (a condition of her being allowed to come home last night) with her IV intact. They will continue supportive care and we will see how she does today. Her temp was down this morning below 105 for the first time since all this started so that was a good sign.

I will be attempting to get out today and run/walk/crawl for a little while. We'll see how that goes.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Everything happens for a reason...(updated with pics)

I drove the girls to their dress rehearsal on Friday night dressed in running gear. Weird feeling on my outer thigh and mega-tightness in my waist of all places (same side as the leg discomfort). Anyway, I kept having this nagging feeling that was telling me I shouldnt run. I chose to ignore it and decided just to do "a few" miles.

Well, once we were almost there I realized that I forgot my damn Nike+ sensor thingie that plugs into the iPod so my run would not be recorded so I was annoyed by that. But, decided to ignore that little irritation as well.

I drop the girls off and drive over to the track, the WHOLE TIME squashing that feeling that was gnawing at me, telling me NOT to run.

Well, wouldntcha know it - the track fence was locked. I couldnt get in anywhere.


Someone was telling me to listen to those feelings, no??

So, I came home and Jeff said that he would go out with me for a quick run around the neighborhood. I grumbled a bit but agreed. No sooner did I start running than did my thigh just REFUSE to allow me to go at anything faster than a brisk walk. I couldnt pick up the pace at all.

I grumbled some more.

A lot more.

So, I had to, ONCE AGAIN this week, hang up the running shoes for 2 days to nurse another injury. This one, I believe was caused by my overzealous participation with that overly hyper Chalene Johnson or whoever from Turbo Jam who made me kick front and back and not very well til I got my side/waist/quad muscle all inflamed.

*throwing TurboJam DVDs in the fire*

We had Sammy's last Tball game on Saturday morning (YEAH!!!)and the team got their awards (Sambelina is front row, center):

...then out to breakfast. I came home and tried to rest but everyone followed me - not that I minded - and then it was time to make the requested lasagna for Sarah's birthday early dinner before the recital. We ate and headed out right on time which is not the norm for us!

Sarah's recital was just WONDERFUL. It had BETTER have been for all the rehearsals they had!! Sarah and her class did a wonderful job.

Sarah and her BFF:

From the audience:

We got home at EXACTLY the time that Sarah was born (10:08 pm) and broke into song. Our neighbors came over and we had cake and ice cream and Sarah opened the rest of her presents. It was a very very VERY long day and we were all exhausted.

Today was Fathers Day and we gave Jeff and my dad their presents. Jeff is going on a ride-along at Dover Downs in a race car in full on race gear. I think he really liked it (but he wont do it until July). The girls gave him a Wii game that he wanted and Sarah made him a gimp key chain that she made.

I *did* go out and do 5 miles this afternoon before we went to an early dinner before my parents headed back to NJ. It was a pretty good run - Sarah hung in on her bike for 3 miles before she headed home to refill my drink and be my "water stop"!

So, I did my long run from yesterday today so I am only down 3 miles that were scheduled for today. I am thinking about making those up sometime this week - maybe add a 5th running day instead of a crosstrain day.

Who knows...I am making this up as I go along. :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Who AM I?

Sarah had a tech rehearsal for her recital tonight. I volunteered to drive her and Bailey for the hour and a half practice and just stay there.

Ask me why.

Go ahead...ask.

Because it was at a high school and I figured they would have a track that I could run my 5 miles that I had scheduled while I was waiting.


Is this ME talking??

A year ago, heck, 6 months ago, I would have been content to sit on my arse and read a book while waiting. Now, I am seeking out places to run!

*twirling in my athleticism*

Tomorrow, there is a 4 hour dress rehearsal. I am going to drive them up, run my 5 miles and come home so Jennie can pick up.

By the way, running on a track is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boring. I mean, how many times can you go around the same circle OVER and OVER and OVER and....well, you get the idea.

EH. You gotta do what you gotta do, right?? :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tag - I am it!

I Got Tagged!

Tagging is one way that bloggers connect with each other and each other's blogs. I was tagged by "aka Alice" who apparently frequents my oh-so-exciting blog. *waving to Alice* I thought it was a cool idea so, I have chosen to participate. You should too. Everyone's doin it. Just sayin.

So, here are the rules of tagging:

Tagging is easy. Just copy the following onto your post. The rules of the game are posted at the start of your blog post. In this case, I'm asking you 5 questions about running. Each player answers the 5 questions on their own blog. At the end of your post you tag 5 other people and post their names. Go to their blogs and leave a comment on their blogs telling them they've been tagged and to look at your blog for details. When they've answered the questions on their own blog, they come back to yours to tell you. Got that?

So here goes:

1. How would you describe your running 10 years ago?

I think I ran once 10 years ago. It was in Ocean City MD with Jeff, his brother and sister in law. The result of that one lone run was me sustaining an eye injury. Yes - an eye injury. I wound up sitting in an opthamologist office on a beautiful day at the beach with her explaining that I had a "roaming inflammatory process" likely due to the running causing some swelling in my eye. MY EYE people. I had to take some heavy hitting ibuprofrens to calm it down. It felt like the WORST headache in the eye I have ever had. I did not run again after that until about a year and a half ago.

2. What is your best/worst running experience?

My best running experience was probably crossing the finish at my first 5K. The weather conditions were HORRIBLE, we got little sleep and I was unsure that I could even do it. Freezing winds, sideways get the picture. As I was coming around the last 1/4 mile or so, barely able to breathe and sucking on my inhaler, Jeff was there cheering me on. He was so proud of me when I crossed the line - no one would have ever pegged me for being/becoming a runner!

The worst running experience? The weather at my first 5K. :)

3. Why do you run?

I started running out of curiosity as to whether I could. Then it became a challenge to finish the Couch to 5K program. Then it was a vehicle to lose some weight. Now it is truly a personal challenge to see how far I can push myself. It is also ME TIME. I have made this commitment and my family backs me 100% - it is one thing that I make a true priority that is all about ME ME ME!

4. What is the best or worst piece of running advice that you've been given about running?

I get loads of advice from Jeff and my message board peeps. Honestly, I think the best things I have done as a result of advice are: Working on strength training all muscles to help keep things balanced, AND, getting fitted for the perfect running shoes for my body!

I have yet to gather what I would consider BAD advice.

5. Tell us something surprising about yourself that not many people would know.

I was on crew in college for 3 years, purple is my favorite color and I am chronically late for everything.

Now, here is who I am tagging...

1. Julia, even with that gimpy foot b/c I know she will back full force soon!
2. Amy because she is awesome.
3. Jen because I love to read her blog even though she called me a MOM.
4. Yas because I am so impressed with her tri training and want to get in her head.
5. Elph because I feel like she is my running partner even though she is in South Dakota. We are both training for half marathons at the same time and we are pretty even in our run-ability!

I *think* I was careful not to tag anyone who has already been tagged. Forgive me for double tagging but this is like a chain letter and it is hard to know who already got it!!!!!!!!

The Magical and Very Naughty Pencil in Samantha's Room

Sammy comes downstairs two nights ago and we have this conversation:

S: Momma - something happened.
Me: What?
S: Well, I was walking past my trashcan and my pencil made a mark on the wall.
Me: OK - no biggie. We will clean it off tomorrow.
S: Well, first it made the mark. Then it made a head and eyes and a smile face.
Me: *staring at Samantha*
S: And then it made a dress and arms and legs.
Me: Really?
S: Yup.
Me: *sigh*

She fessed up to it shortly after. At least she is creative in her lies. It also wasnt the usual knock down, drag out that it usually is to get her to confess. So, I think we are making gains.

Here is a picture of the artwork created by the magical and very naughty pencil:

I ran 4.2 miles in the blistering heat. I used common sense, however. I stayed in the neighborhood. Two people knew that I was going and to be on the lookout for me should I not return within an hour. I carried one of my half frozen G2s with me and left the other one at my water stop (aka my front step) in a large cup full of ice and a little water.

I took off and did much more of a run/walk than I usually do but again, it isnt usually 15000 degrees outside. I was wearing new running shorts that feel almost like a bathing suit short. They lasted for 3/4 of a mile before I ran inside and changed them b/c they were riding up in the middle ala chub rubbedness and making me very uncomfortable. They were fine for walking around but as soon as I started running - FAHGEDDABOUDIT.

So, my other shorts were fine and the neighborhood run in the heat went off without a hitch.

I am SO getting acclimated I cant stand it. *giggle* This is kinda huge for me though b/c last year, I ran a 5K the first weekend in June and didnt put on my running shoes again til fall!

Tomorrow is a DOR but I might get out there and do 4-ish only b/c I missed yesterday due to the stupid ankle sprain. And it is supposed to be in the 80s so it will feel like an Arctic front coming through compared to the past few days!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

100 degrees and the Evil Tree Stump of Death

When we woke up on Saturday morning for Sammy's Tball game, I knew it couldnt be good when there was thick fog. I opened the door to let the dogs out and it was SOOOO humid, it was awful.

I had thought about brining my gear and hitting Rails to Trails after Tball but we were running late so I wasnt able to properly eat, hydrate or pack up my stuff. And when I say we were running late, I MEAN that we woke up at 7:40 am for an 8:00 Tball game. I had to catapult the ladies out of bed and out the front door. I think Sammy was still asleep as she stood on first base. But, she woke up by the second inning so it was all good. Must of been the YooHoo she had for breakfast at the ball park.

Sarah went to Camryn's birthday party at Tuckahoe State Park so Sammy, Jeff and I loaded up with fluids and we headed over there as well, to check it out.

Unfortunately, there was no path that we could find for Sammy to ride her bike on while we ran. There was, however, a physical fitness trail that went through a wooded area. Jeff sent me on my way. It was covered by really really really tall trees (nice for blocking out the sun) and the ground was a combination of mulch and pine needles which was easy on the knees but rough on the lower leg.

Anyway, I heard that it was a 2 mile trail so I figured I would run it a few times. (Is this ME talking????? Who am I?????) I got through most of the first go-round and, as Eye of the Tiger came on my iPod, I got a burst of energy and, as I rounded one of the many corners of the path, the Evil Tree Stump of Death popped OUT of the ground and landed under my left foot, causing it to snap outwards.

I was blinded a bit by the pain but I shook it out and walked a little bit and realized that fate had a funny way of reminding me that my mother warned me NOT to run in this heat...but I think that my momma realizes by now that I am not a very good listener when I have my mind made up.

*waving to Mom*

Anyway, I managed to finish the course and then run it once more. I was scheduled for 110 minutes but even *I* know when enough is enough. And 4.5 miles in 100 degrees and 500% humidity is ENOUGH. I consulted a few other training programs and find that most do NOT have such a long run in the beginning so, right or wrong, I changed that 100 minute to a 4 mile run which will put me right where I should be for ramping up starting this week. My training program has me starting miles instead of minutes and then doing +1 mile every weekend up to 12 then tapering down as the half marathon approaches.

Plus, I have been reading about this acclimating thing. If I am going to run 13.1 miles in VA Beach in AUGUST, I had best get myself acclimated to the heat. Everything I have read says it takes 7-14 days to get your body used to running in heat. I hope that everything I read is not lying...

Jeff did one round of the trail while Sammy and I sat in the A/C of the van and then we headed home. I was a total filthy person and couldnt wait to hit the shower. As I exited the van, my ankle decided to give me a fit. hmmmmm....this could be not good. It was worse when I was out of the shower and caused me to lie down and ice it for a bit. Samantha made me watch a Care Bears movie which was tortuous but I survived. Jeff taped me up and I was on my way again.

This morning, it was a wee bit better but my trainer has ordered me off it for 2 days. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR......this messes up my schedule. But better to let it heal now than suffer the repercussions later.

Today, I went to a fund raiser for the ladies running with the Marathon ROCKS running group. It was really nice! Lots of vendors selling all sorts of stuff from Pampered Chef to Mary Kay. I helped Sandy with her display and Lynn with some last minute stuff for her booth. Everything looked great. I bought a princess necklace/bracelet for Sammy for her birthday with the princesses...I got Sarah a star necklace (both from Cookie Lee jewelry) and I got a cool language based game from Discovery Toys. All in all, I did pretty well, considering my penchant for shopping.

I actually had a nice chat with Amy, one of the ROCKS coaches and we discussed training and races and such. I found the following words exiting my mouth: "If I decide to go for the full marathon next year, I will definitely be joining you guys for the coaching and support."


She was very encouraging at this prospect but I am not sure that I heard what she said b/c my eyes had glazed over and my mind went blank as I attempted to ponder that string of words that I never thought I would utter consecutively. I snapped back to reality and realized that that was a whole year away and I need not worry about that now.

My evening consisted of kicking some major butt on WiiFit slalom skiing and step aerobics. Then, cleaning out my closet and emptying the bins of summer clothes that have been sitting in my room for weeks now...(Ay yi yi I hate that job). Will the excitement ever end???? :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Rest easy my friends....

...I got the reservation for Cinderella's Royal Table for Sammy's birthday.


You can all take that load off your minds now.

Sammy's favorite princess is Snow White. She BETTAH be there!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Goofy pictures, crappy run, illuminated runners and Disney dreams

The Zooma pictures came in today. I am trying to figure out which one to get blown up to poster size. *giggle*

Here is me being mega-athletic:

Here is me heading to the finish line:

Here is me crossing said finish line trying to avoid death:

So, I did manage to eek out 3.75 miles on Monday somehow. We took Sammy to Rails to Trails and she rode her bike while Jeff and I ran. We raced her at different parts to do some interval training...I mean FARTLEKS...(ok, so I love that term) and I wound up with sore calves and shins on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday was a day of rest and I took full advantage.

Then, Wednesday brought a horrific storm and the first real tornado WARNING that I can remember since we've lived here. Long long story but I had to rip the girls off the bus which was ordered to park on a side street. They were hysterical - especially Sarah who is a weather-phobe. We huddled by the computer watching the weather reports and it eventually passed. It was scary I tell you!!!

End result was NO RUN for me b/c of the pesky lightning. I know, I know, I am a weenie, right? ;)

Sooooo....I decided to delve into the Wii Fit and Jeff and I had fun egging each other on and beating each other's records on the different balance games. I believe that I am the ski champ and a yoga master. Oh and I kick some major butt in hula hooping. Just sayin'.

Anyway - while I dont think that the Wii Fit burns major calories, apparently doing the ski jump 15,674 times in a row will definitely give you tightness in the lower leg area the next day which was today.

So, when I went out this evening for a 40 minute run, I wasnt feeling too great and the tops of my feet were actually sore in a sore muscle-y sort of way. HUMPH Who knew?

But, I did it. And now I will go stretch the crap outta my lower legs because, people, I am supposed to run for 110 minutes either tomorrow or Saturday. Did you hear me???

110 minutes. That is a very long time. Very long. Very very very veerrryyyyy long.

But, that will be something to worry about tomorrow or the next day, right? I am busy trying to iron out details of where to make reservations for Disney. Tomorrow is our 180 out and I need to be up at the buttcrack of dawn (aka 7 am which IS the buttcrack of dawn to me) to call Disney to be SURE we get a seating in the castle for Sammy's birthday. I will have 3 phones on hold in my house and our friendly Small World travel agent will be calling as well. HOPEFULLY someone will get through. I will update everyone on that tomorrow so try not to lose any sleep over it tonight.

I am also contemplating my next race(s). Jeff and I are likely doing the "Midnight Madness" portion of the 20 in 24 relay in Philly on July 19th.

It is an 8.4 mile loop around the beautiful Schuykill River starting and ending at Boathouse Row. It starts at midnight and you are supposed to wear glow in the dark stuff. There are prizes for the "Most Illuminated" runner. That makes me laugh. I can only imagine what this will be like.

Other than that, there are a few 5Ks we might do - Sarah really wants to do one again but I am not comfortable with running ahead of her so I will have to pace her which will actually be a welcome break!

I have to go wash the stank off and get stretching and to bed in order to wake up to do my Disney duty!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Zooma Race Report

I finished my first 10K!

*happy dancing*

Who woulda thunk it, back in January when I was rocked by resolution-style bravery to sign up to run 6.2 miles, that I would actually do it and do it fairly well??

Not me, that's for sure.

We headed up to Annapolis around 11 on Saturday morning, amidst warnings of severe weather beginning around 4. We figured we had plenty of time to seek shelter. :) We went to the mall and wandered around a bit and decided to eat at Red Robin (YUM). While there, the rain started as a torrential downpour. The lights flickered as the thunder boomed. It looked like 8:oo at night when it was only noon.

When we were done, we had to run back a few feet into the mall. I glanced down at my white shirt and realized that this could be bad. I covered my bewbal area with my purse and we ran for it with minimal drenchedness.

We got to the hotel around 4 and checked in. We hung out and waited for Julia and Amy to arrive as they were in an adjoining room to us. Sure enough, they came aknocking as planned and the three of us headed out to the City Dock for dinner with Jen and her friend, Erin. We had a great time (and a great meal - I had ravioli florentine and it was DEE-lish). Jen was hysterical and Erin was a trooper even though we were probably boring her to death with ChubbyChat and running talk!

We walked (and crutched) around a bit before heading back to the hotel around 9.

I laid all my running gear out for the morning, got a 5:45 wake up call and set the alarm for 5:30. YUCK, huh? I got a terrible night's sleep between being paranoid about oversleeping and having to pee.

But, I bounded up right on time and got dressed, lubed myself up with Body Glide and we were on our way!!! My stomach was so nervous, I had trouble choking down my peanut butter on a mini wheat bagel and 1/2 of a banana.

We got to the stadium with plenty of time to spare and there were tons of people. Julia was able to find a front row parking spot to minimize her walking time and distance. We headed to the balloon arch to look for Jen. I saw Sandy and her friends who were planning on walking the race - they looked great and were totally psyched.

We planted ourselves near Jen, in the vicinity of the 11 minute/mile pace balloon and waited for the start. It was SO noisy back there that it was hard to hear much but sure enough, things got started and we were off.

We ran out of the stadium and on flat road for about 13 seconds and then the "rolling hills" started. "Rolling hills" makes me think of golf course know, the little hills that go up and down in a rolling fashion. These hills, not so much.

I suddenly realized that I did not see the 11 min/mile pace balloon so I thought that I was going really really reallllllly slow. I turned around slightly. There it was. BEHIND me. I was all puffed up with importance at my lightning speed. OK, so that lasted for about 7 seconds when the balloon (and the person attached to it) passed me and left me in the dust.

I think all the balloons must of popped b/c of the humidity - I never saw one again...not even after the turn around.

After about a mile, we went over the Naval Academy Bridge. I got most of the way up the upside and then started to walk and ran down the other side. I started to think bad thoughts like "WHAT am I doing?" "Am I insane?" "I am NEVAH gonna make it."

Finally, at about 2 miles, a water stop. I walked through, took a couple sips, threw my cup in runner-esque fashion and carried on. I have to be honest - from this point on, I was in my zone. I felt great. I was mostly running with a little walking sprinkled in but overall, I was listening to my music, enjoying the scenery and keeping a decent pace. I was trying to stay with people to be sure that I wasnt going slower than I thought. One girl was easy to spot as I SWEAR she ran like a gazelle - not fast but in a definite prancing sort of way with side to side arm movement. I wondered how her shins held up to that running style. I was assessing people's gait and ankle/knee pronation. I was checking out runner fashion. This all made time go by pretty quickly.

It was cool b/c the leaders of the race were starting to come by now and all of us slow people were cheering for them as they passed. I was cheering because I thought that that meant that the turn around HAD to be fairly close by.

I was running behind someone who MUST have been doing the half marathon portion of the race b/c she was LOADED down with her gear belt that had 4 bottles of fluid in it. At one point though, she took a swig and spit right next to her and I ran through it. ICK. She went to take another swig and I yelled "Dont spit on me!" and passed her. I dont know who was exhibiting poor running etiquette there but I didnt want a big orange Gatorade stain on my shoe. One would think that she could have spit into the large area of woods to her left instead of into the incoming traffic on the right, know what I mean??

The turn around and second water stop was around mile 4.5 - WOW! Has it really been 4.5 miles???? Humph. I think I just might make it after all. I saw Amy on the way back as well as Sandy and company. I was at 5 before I knew it. As I came over the crest of one of the biggest hills we came UP (The Overlook), I took my headphones out and enjoyed the crowd - there were lots of people up there cheering for runners. I pretended that I was winning the half marathon and for all they knew, I was. :)

Suddenly, I saw the 6 mile marker and it was almost over. I wondered if Jeff and the girls were at the finish. I got all choked up and almost hyperventilated. Wouldnt it be so embarrassing to hyperventilate and pass out at the finish line?

Anyway, I calmed myself down and saw Julia cheering as I turned the corner and saw the glorious finish. I heard them announce my name - I cant tell you exactly what they said but it was pretty cool that they did that. I crossed the finish as I saw Jeff, Sarah and Sam cheering for me and snapping pictures.

I had to turn in my chip *cough* and Julias *cough* and head out of the gate where they handed me my finishers necklace in a little box which is a silver charm of a running stick figure with long hair and a little tag that says "Zooma 6-1-08" dangling on it.

I ate a little blueberry muffin, cheered Amy in and walked up the hill to the shuttles (aka school bus) to get back to the stadium. The Expo was fun - lots of good gear, great band, free samples of all sorts of stuff, wine (which I didnt drink) and massages (which I did get).

This is "TEAM JUICY" -----v (Julia, Jen, Amy, Me)

We went back to the hotel so I could shower and Jeff packed up. We were home by noon and I planted myself on the couch and slept for 2 hours.

All in all, it was a great but very exhausting day. Finishing the 10K (time was 1 hour 16 mins 21 seconds - my goal was under 1 hour 30 min) was a milestone as well as a stepping stone to my next scheduled race - the Half Marathon!

EDITED TO ADD: Apparently, the time I posted was the wrong CHIP TIME was 1hr 15m 3 secs which is even BETTER so I will take that one instead!!!!!!!!!!